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    Great thanks!

    You can close this thread. I mistakenly posted to the wrong theme forum. To fix the problem I purchased the recent version of the Revolution Slider and overwrote the files that came with the theme. The updated version of the slider fixed my issue.

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    Error went away with the new code but slideshow still does not autoplay


    in reply to: Auto-rotating gallery images #227093

    After making the change I am now getting the following error using Firebug

    SyntaxError: invalid object initializer

                        elements.prettyPhoto({ social_tools:'',slideshow: 5000, deeplinking: false, overlay_gallery:false, default_width: ww, default_height: wh, autoplay_slideshow});

    If I remove autoplay_slideshow and revert back to normal it works as expected.

    Look up the prettyPhoto documentation it says to use autoplay_slideshow:true. When I changed it to this the gallery loads without error but it still doesn’t autoplay.

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    in reply to: Multiple headings don't align with content in mobile view #210878

    Thanks! That was easy enough.

    in reply to: Two logo images – one for desktop site and one for mobile #208029

    Thanks for the CSS Ismael. That’s quality support!

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    in reply to: Targeting Rows in Avia Layout Builder for Markup #207640

    Thanks Devin. I was able to use a combination of color sections and custom class fields using the link you posted to get the desired effect. The only minor issue I am having is finding enough elements to wrap a text block in a design that has a top background, a middle background, and a bottom background. I’m trying to insert another div within the body of the text block and absolute position it, but am having minimal luck.

    #sub_slider .je_block_bottom {
        background: url("images/bg_get_estimate_bottom.png") no-repeat scroll center bottom rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
        bottom: -45px;
        color: #967C68;
        min-height: 55px;
        padding: 10px 5px 5px 30px;
        position: absolute;
        width: 100%;

    The text block I’m working on is called “Get An Estimate”

    in reply to: Creating content that is included on each page #207572

    Thanks for the debug code. The problem with the approach you gave is that the editor will have to update every page in the site when a change needs to be made. Since the content in this portion should remain identical on all pages I’d much prefer to create a page that is used as an include file and then modify the template to include that file. This way the editor can make the change once and it will apply to all pages that use the template.

    Can you tell me how to get access to the layout builder content of a page by page ID so I can include it in my template file? For a normal page (created without using the avia layout builder) I could use the following code, but for pages that use the builder this code returns empty.

    $je_include = get_pages('include=270');
    $je_content = apply_filters('the_content',$je_include[0]->post_content);
    echo $je_content;

    Update: I copied and pasted the shortcodes from the advanced layout editor into the default editor. After doing so I was able to include the content using the above code. Example here:

    Content below the bright red line was included from my page called “Content Under Page”. I would still rather be able to call the content in the avia layout builder instead of having to create it in the layout builder and then copy/paste into the default editor. That is too many steps for the average user to remember.

    Also, I notice that my code (written in the page.php file of my child theme) only applies to pages that are using the default editor. Pages using the layout builder do not show the extra content. For example, the first page below uses the default editor and shows the additional content. The second page uses the layout builder and does not. Both pages are using the default template (page.php). – default editor, shows additional content – layout builder editor, does not show additional content

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    in reply to: Cropping portfolio thumbnails from top instead of center #204161

    Thanks Devin. Unfortunately this means that we’ll have to re-upload all of the portfolio images since it looks like you have to set the position when you upload each image. I was hoping I could change the position using the functions.php file and then re-create the thumbs using a thumbnail rebuilder.

    Update: After changing the crop position I was able to use another plugin to recreate the thumbnails. I did not have to reupload anything.

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