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    I have screenshots of websites I’ve created and want to use them in the portfolio gallery. The default behavior for the gallery thumbnails is to crop and center the image which cuts off the top of the screenshot. I would like to have the thumbnails cropped from the top of the image.

    On the portfolio single page I would like to use the full size image instead of the resized image.
    For example I’d like to use
    instead of×400.jpg

    What would be the best approach to modifying the portfolio pages to accomplish this?


    Hey Vada!

    You can try this plugin:

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin. Unfortunately this means that we’ll have to re-upload all of the portfolio images since it looks like you have to set the position when you upload each image. I was hoping I could change the position using the functions.php file and then re-create the thumbs using a thumbnail rebuilder.

    Update: After changing the crop position I was able to use another plugin to recreate the thumbnails. I did not have to reupload anything.

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    If there is a way to do that I’m not aware of it. The plugin route is the only one I know of to change the crop position, You could try searching for another plugin that allows for other methods but this was the one I had a link for on hand as it has been recommended and used before by others.


    I would think that if you were to manually edit the image in WP crop it and set the new crop to save to thumbnail then that should do it. Sadly that does not work.

    Maybe it is a feature you can add in the future.

    Luckily for me plugin works. woot.

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