Support problems hopefully fixed now :)

We just built us a new sleek support tool 

Hey everyone! We have made some heavy modifications to the way we process support requests in the forum during the last days and have implemented some new tools for our support team to keep better track of all of your requests.

It is now basically impossible for a question to get overlooked, something which unfortunately happend before.

Since the new system only tracks new posts, if any of your previous questions are still not answered feel free to bump those threads up, we will take care of them ;)

Along with Devin, our latest addition to the support team this should finally fix all the support problems we had during the last month. I am very sorry that it did take a little longer for us to master the situation. We were simply not prepared for the increased number of sales during this month, and for all the new customers that came with those sales :)

I think we can now once again claim that you will get a fast response if you have any problems, during workdays the maximum time you should need to wait for an answer shouldn’t be longer than 24 hours (but to be honest we are aiming for much less)

Thats it for now, have a pleasant weekend everyone and thanks for your patience!