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    Downgraded from 3.6 to previous 3.5.2 via FTP. It worked!


    Hello. Does the new 1.9 update include the latest version of Layer Slider? I believe Layer Slider is now up to version 4.6. Thanks!


    Version.txt for 1.9 shows:

    2013 August 6 - Version 1.9

    please update:
    - style.css - new version number
    - css/layout.css - various small fixes
    - functions.php
    - functions-enfold.php
    - includes/helper-responsive-megamenu.php
    - includes/helper-conditional-megamenu.php
    - config-woocommerce/config.php - fixed bug with 404 page
    - config-woocommerce/admin-options.php - Added layout options (header, footer etc)
    - config-bbpress/bbpress-mod.css - improved bbpress forum widget stylings

    folders to update:

    -folder js:
    -fixed a bug with the easy slider not rotating properly

    -folder config-templatebuilder:
    - fixed: a bug that prevented the layoutbuilder from showing
    - fixed: a bug that occurs with custom css label and image element
    - fixed: a bug with the gallery caption

    -folder framework:
    -fixed: required symbol for date input field
    -added: theme support flag for conditional menu:
    using the flag will enable conditional logic for menus
    (you can show/hide menu items based on user level, login, current page, etc)


    Hi Devin. What about the Layer Slider upgrade to 4.6? Thanks.


    No, if its not in the update notes it wasn’t changed and looking at the repository for Enfold the folder has not been changed since 1,8,1.


    Hi there,

    maybe i am doing something wrong…

    just uploaded the 1.9 version, but the easy-slider still doesn´t work like it should.

    Displaying portfolio items it only displays the first image, then stops.

    Any suggestions?



    Thanks Devin. How do we get the latest version of Layer Slider, if it’s not included? There were many improvements in the 4.6 release.



    I’m having the same issue I’ve just upgraded to v1.9 and the easy-slider is not changing at first image, also the post slider moves on once then stops.


    Is there a way to manually install the updated layer slider? I don’t really mind manually installing the components, but the new version is badly needed.


    I’m having the same issue I’ve just upgraded to v1.9. Easy-Slider locks up after changing to the second slide.



    Layer Slider needs to be updated to 4.6 in order to work with WP 3.6. Will you update this in a theme update or can I just buy the plugin on CC and install and upgrade it then?


    Hey Guys!

    I noticed the easyslider problem and I am currently working on it. (If I can find the error which is unfortunately a little bit tricky an update will be out within the next few hours as well)

    The layerslider was updated a few enfold versions back to 4.6.0 so it should work fine.

    Best regards,



    Hi Kriesi!

    I guess you have understood the easyslider problem, but I just wanted to mention that the problem only occurs on Chrome, not on IE (10).


    Thx for the fast feedback. I updated now to WP 3.6 and everything works fine. Also Layer Slider works perfect, as far as I can see. Keep up the good work!


    Thanks for the quick feedback Kriesi!


    Thanks for the update! The other day I said my portfolio page wasn’t working. I had hoped that the update would have fixed this. But the page is still not work. Can you please take a look for me? thanks


    I found that it was the jQuery Updater that was causing a problem with the portfolio, now I guess I have to choose between the slider and the portfolio?!


    hi, where do i download the version 1.9 or upgrade?

    do i download the theme files again from

    please ignore the above msg, downloaded the whole package again and updated the files /folders mentioned above.


    I have just downloaded the latest update posted on Themeforest and now running on WP 3.6. All working beautifully again. Thanks for all your incredible work Kriesi!



    Glad everything works now :)

    Best regards,



    Updated the latest version of Enfold (after installing WP 3.6) but the issue of EasySlider not changing after 2nd slide still remains.


    Just updated Enfold. and the LayerSlider works now fine! Thank you guys!


    Since we meanwhile have several updates per day,would it be possible to label them with the version number. It would be easier to see which is the latest one …



    wp_deregister_script( ‘jquery’ );

    wp_register_script( ‘jquery’, ‘’, array(), null, in_footer );

    I used the script as mentioned above in a post and it works again… back to rest m heart LOL


    This is probably a silly question, but how do I update Enfold? I’m on 1.5.1. Through WP Admin there’s no Update option, and neither through Themeforest. Can anyone give quick instructions? Thanks


    You can update following this tutorial:


    Any word on the layer Slider update?


    Hi! In my case i’ve installed Enfold on a fresh WP 3.6 and the contact form doesn’t send the email (or at least it’s never received, though Enfold confirms it) and the gallery doesn’t work in Chrome, but it does on IE10. It doesn’t work on iPad/Safari neither.




    OK, went back to 3.5.2 and the EasySlider is working again. Will stay with this version until such time as there’s a fix for the slide in 3.6.


    I’ve updated to version 1.9.1 (WP v3.6)and the gallery works.

    But i still don’t receive the messages sent from the contact form…

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