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    Hi guys,
    I hope you can help. I am using Enfold with WooCommerce and have a T-Shirt set up as a variable product.
    I have set the attributes to Size and Colour
    I have two variations Any Size, Black, and Any Size, White
    Each of the two variations has an image, a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt
    … so far so good.
    When I go to the product to purchase, I can select a size and colour.
    If I select the black t-shirt (any size), I am shown the black t-shirt image.
    If I select the white t-shirt (any size), I am shown the white t-shirt image.
    … here comes the problem…
    So far, I have not added a Product Image, so I am firstly presented with a big grey box until I select a size and a colour. (issue 1)
    So, I add a Product Image and then the image does not change no matter what I select.

    I would like a default image (I have an image of a black t-shirt with background), but want I do want it to change to the variation image I have set up.

    I hope that makes sense. All the details are below in private so you can take a look. This is a test product so must remain as a draft.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi team,

    Just before posting this, I read a user comment about the suggestion of Paid Premium support as he was frustrated at the time of responses.
    I have always found the support most excellent for Enfold, but I am now questioning why there are over 200 support issues since mine that have been dealt with and mine has not. ( just answered one of them to hopefully compensate for my bumping this one).

    I don’t like to bump posts and am a patient guy, but I have a customer wanting to sell their t-shirts and I am holding them up. :)

    I hope you can help soon.
    Many thanks


    Hi Heathcliffe,

    Please refer to this thread for a possible solution.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,



    Perfect, thanks so much and sorry I missed this one searching the Forum.
    Is it me, or does Enfold just keep getting better and better?



    Hi Heathcliffe,

    Thanks, glad that you enjoy Enfold! And that you got a working solution!

    Please take a moment to review our theme and show your support
    To know more about enfold features please check –
    Thank you for using Enfold :)

    Best regards,

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