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    A few other notes.

    WooCommerce will change the image gallery when using zoom and swipe in flexslider to use SmoothHeight.

    Their release of the new default image gallery was flawed.

    This meant that if you had a landscape image set as your featured product image…

    And you had a portrait or square image in you gallery…

    Then there would be a big empty space between your featured products and thumbnails.

    The empty space is fixed to provide the zoom feature for the tallest image in your gallery.

    Smootheight will allow the thumbnails to move up or down when the featured product image area changes in aspect ratio. This keeps your page layout looking nice.

    It seems that WooCommerce only tests featured product images and gallery images that are all the same aspect ratio. Just look at all their demos.

    In reality shop owners upload product images for featured and gallery in various aspect ratios.

    It’s sad that we are running businesses on this ecommerce platform, paying for extensions and premium themes, and the developers at WooCommerce and theme companies pay little attention to these important details that affect real business.

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    @mattmikulla you are not forced to run business on woocommerce. You can use any other ecommerce software. And instead of telling the world how bad things are just take part in the development process and make things better.

    just my 2 cents


    If you’re blaming WooCommerce and theme developers for not testing appropriately, you can blame yourself as well. No one forced you to upgrade, and if you had backup processes in place then you could roll back the changes. Complaining about this issue when, ultimately, you’re the one who has caused it, is rather futile.


    I have been using WPEngine for a few months… you get a STAGING SITE to test things, so you don’t have to push code to the live site until you have everything tested..

    not cheap at $29USD/mnth but I have found it’s worth it..


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    @ENBertussi I have removed the affiliate info – please never again :)

    Best regards,


    Thanks @Basilis,
    I certainly am very new to ‘affliate scheisse’.
    I appreciate your quick reply/patience/understanding/forgiveness.





    Maybe this will help for other who don’t have too many items in shop.
    I have edit product switch to Advanced Layout Editor click save again edit and return to default editor and again save.

    And it is working on my case and I have put in quick CSS

    .woocommerce-product-gallery {
    opacity: 1 !important;


    Thanks for your input @Zaccc.

    Best regards,


    Problem is that my solution is not working. It is all OK on preview and when you open second time it is still blurry image.



    Same for me Zaccc. Very strange. Completely random behaviour.


    @Zacc the solution has been posted a hundred times. Even in this thread here.


    Yes I know but this is your solution not official from Enfold.
    It will be good that Enfold work on this problem. It is almost 2 – 3 weeks when is this problem started.


    @zaccc my solution has been recommended many time by the support staff and they them self post it now. See here.


    I agree with @Zaccc. I don’t have time for fiddling around. That’s why I use enfold templates on my websites. I expect them to work. Up to now I’ve never had a complaint. But on this issue I am not impressed.


    @mensmaximus Ok if is your solution so great why they didn’t implement into new version and release it ?

    Why to buy template if users must find solutions when you have conflict between template and plugin. I think that they have time to test beta version from Woocommerce.

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    Again – I agree with @zaccc.


    I think a many people agree with @zaccc.


    Quite right @Georg.

    I don’t want to be a moany old customer. I’ve been a loyal customer of Kriesi for 3 years now and I recommend enfold to everybody. But my patience is wearing thin on this issue. I really expected a patch the same day. Two days tops. 3 weeks is really not good. This is an important issue!

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    @zaccc, @georg, @adriansmithuk I just tried to help. A few hundred people are happy to using my solution. You don’t need to use it.


    @mensmaximus That is very nice from you and thank you for your help. But I think you don’t understand what I want to say. If you buy a car and something is broken and that car have guarantee you will not fix yourself than a car dealer.
    Same is here if you buy template you except that you will get patch.
    So far Enfold is great template and they have excellent and fast support but this is big problem.


    @mensmaximus. My issue is not with you. It is with Kriesi. I am running a business. I purchase enfold licences. I expect them to work. If not I expect an official patch in a timely fashion. I don’t have time for fault finding. I just want to install something. I don’t earn money for finding faults. I earn money for producing websites. That’s why I buy enfold. Because it works – or it usually does.



    Kriesi is working really hard for a new patch and I’m sure he will release a new fix for it soon. Thanks for being patient!

    Best regards,


    @Andy Many thanks for the update. I hope it happens soon.
    Kind Regards,
    Adrian Smith


    I seem to have been notified of several follow up comments today. None of the above adds much to this conversation.

    WooCommerce 3.0 broke a few themes, plugins etc. Upgrading there is at your own risk. There’s a “workaround” posted above. If you aren’t happy with this, wait for an update which will surely follow when it is tested and stable.

    Can you unsubscribe me from this thread please admins?!


    Just click the “Unsubscribe” link at the top of the page, below the large Enfold banner.


    @zaccc I totally understand what you are saying. But I am a developer and I know software has no warranties. It is the nature of open source development. You expect something that simply is not possible. Even in closed source development you wont get a guaranty for the software doing what you want. And this is where the advantages of open source development and the spirit of wordpress come in. If there is a bug anyone able and willing to help can fix it.

    You simply can’t say Kriesi missed it. Look at other themes they even are not willing to support the new gallery from WooCommerce 3. They remove it and continue with their own solution. And even WooCommerce 3 was not perfect on day one. We are close to version 3.0.5 and still daily new issues are revealed. Many of them so rare that you even could not think of before. I know it is difficult for end users and for non-developers to understand whats happening behind the scenes.

    If eCommerce is your business than you have to test yourself every aspect before updating. I can post a list of more then 40 well known WooCommerce plugins and themes that stopped working after updating to woocommerce 3. You can’t expect them all to work within a few days after a major WooCommerce release hits the market.

    So don’t push your self. Simply wait. And if Enfold gets a new version wait again. Visit the forum. Use the search and read what others say. If there are no complaints for a week install it on development server and test it with your plugins. If all works role out the update to your production environment.



    This is not GitHub. We are not an open source community. We are customers. We buy licences. According to themeforest.net, Kriesi sold $198,960.00 worth of licences in March alone. That’s nearly $2.4 million per annually. That’s why I expect the software to be properly tested before release, and if there are bugs I expect a fast turn-around on patches.



    we appreciate your input. We do try always to do our best on releases and have no problems, but many – many things are not on our hands also.
    WooCommerce released 5 different versions, in 15 days. If you think that is how good software companies work, then you have to look the issue better there and not to us.

    We just make compatibility with them, to help you release better sites easier.

    Best regards,

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