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    i want to add a list of vimeo video in a ajax portfolio gallery, exactly like this site http://omarramirez.net/cms/ (check the first element).

    How can i do it?

    I have to put it in the preview text area with a shortcode (because if i understand, at the moment is not possible to have the vimeo video in the preview gallery)?

    In this case, how can i set, by custom.css, the container in order to fit all the space like the one in the site?

    thank you!


    Hi Christian Ronchi,

    You would need to customize the ajax function like that user did in the portfolio.php shortcode file (in config-templatebuilder>portfolio.php). Your best route would be to contact the site owner and ask if they can share their customizations with you.




    Oh Come on Christian, really I need to contact to Omar, to know how to put video inside an Ajax Gallery?


    Hi nicolasweh,

    The reference version of enfold is a customized version that has functionality the theme does not. So if you wanted the same customization for free the best route would be to contact the user who did it to begin with.



    Sorry Devin, I’m 24 hours with this theme, and 5 days since I started with WordPress, I did not realize I was asking a flying elephant, I think that this is very basic request and that you could avoid me the walkaround .
    Do not worry. Nicolás


    Sorry again guys, but I don’t understand how can you make something that
    should be crystal clear, it may confuse so much.
    I mean to the Youtube Icon issue, or the header options, How can I have the
    social Icons without the need to repeat the header menu because the
    adittional navigation??
    5 header types and no one with a true option to show only socail media
    Icons. I don’t understand of code. And I’m so confussed, this is heartbreaking


    I got a private message from Nicolas, but I see some other people may be interested in my workaround, so I’m posting my response here. I think you’ll find the answer here:

    https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -builder-in-ajax-preview/

    You basically have to force it to stop from defaulting to image previews by getting rid of the area that shows them, which alters the layout a bit, but opens up space for Vimeo or whatever video/content you want. I think the code modification provided by Dude in the link was what did the trick.

    And cut the support team some slack, they’re super helpful if you ask for specific technical issues. You’ll have to dig around and try things out a bit.

    – Omar


    Thanks for the update Omar!

    I’m going to close this topic for now since its somewhat getting off topic and duplicating the feature request topic is not something we want to accidentally fall in to.

    @ nicolasweh – If you have issues just make a new topic with your issue and we’ll address it there. The theme doesn’t have every single possible option or variation on layouts yet but everything it does have is shown in the theme demo and we can assist in getting any of those features set up.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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