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    I was hoping to build a true one-page portfolio using Enfold, where everything can be housed/accessed in one page. However, I cannot find a way to post video in my ajax previews. I only see the option to post preview images. That’s a big problem for me, since much of the content I’m hoping to showcase is video.

    Before I noticed that, I also discovered the Avia Layout Builder can only be used to build separate portfolio pages, and not anything that can be viewed through the Ajax preview. Is there a possible workaround for this? Can we force the ajax preview to show what we can build with the Avia Layout builder, and not not just a limited preview which has to be laid out separately?


    So I finally discovered most of the Avia Layout Builder options are available for use in the ajax previews through insertable code, via the magic wand pulldown (sorry, I had missed that in the documentation). Now I’ve figured out how to get video and items like the accordion content element into my ajax previews through this insertable code… however, I’m confined to only one third of the preview area, since two thirds of it are taken up by the space allotted for image previews. So I guess my question now is, is there a way to either replace the image previews with video clips, or to get rid of the image previews all together, to open up the full preview space for content laid out through code? Again, I am referring to the images seen in Ajax previews, not anything that can be added through the Avia Layout Builder, since I am trying to keep everything viewable on one page.

    I hope that clarifies my issue and my end goal. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!


    The ajax preview gallery does not support videos at the moment but we’ll definitely look into it because some other users requested this too. If you want to remove the image gallery open up wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-shortcodesportfolio.php and delete

    $output .= "<div class='av_table_col first portfolio-preview-image'>";
    $output .= $images;
    $output .= "</div>";



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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