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    Please assist me with this situation.

    I am trying to add tags on the pages (not posts) and looking forward to add specific tags for each pages. for example:
    I have Amazon Page which the tags are:
    Amazon AWS, Amazon AWS Certification, Amazon AWS Training, Amazon AWS Exam, Amazon AWS Test

    and I’ve A+ page which is:
    A Plus, A Plus Certificafion, A Plus Exam, CompTIA A Plus, What is A Plus, A Plus Exam Cost, A Plus Salary, A Plus Training, A Plus Requirement, A Plus study guide, A Plus practice exam

    How can I show only A+ tags for only this page and same apply for Amazon?
    I am newbie, please assist me.



    Thank you Yigit for your kind reply.

    I’ve saw the videos but In the video there isn’t any tutorial regarding this….
    On demo page of enfold:

    I can see there is TAGS: Tags: econ, landscape, lifestyle and it’s VIEWABLE

    BUT Here is my blog contents:

    I wrote following tags: CompTIA, CompTIA Certification, CompTIA Exam, CompTIA Test, CompTIA Training, IT Certification, Salary, Security+
    I cannot see the TAGS under my post, Can you please diagnose it?

    Thank you



    Thanks for the login details. Since you have used the Layout Builder to create your post, the tags will not be added automatically. When using the Layout Builder for posts, all content needs to be added manually. Could you try using the regular editor if you want tags to be included, or if you use a widget area and use the Tag Cloud widget.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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