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    Good Evening, we first noticed this glitch over 10 days ago, and I opened a thread, but I never received help for this issue, so I’m starting a new thread, and the old thread has a LOT of info over the last 10 days, so I’m pasting that link here for history: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/contact-form-2-questions-return-name-and-making-a-form-field-optional/#post-1208698

    Here is the issue that is happening:
    Here’s a bit about what’s been happening:
    1. I used one of the demo content homepages from which to create our homepage.
    2. My boss was having a glitch with that homepage, with the header not loading when he refreshed the page or clicked on the logo to go back to that page—it just disappeared for him. He said someone else reported the same thing.
    3. I created a new, identical homepage titled /new-home-page/
    4. I renamed the original homepage /old-(sitename)-homepage/ (see private content box for actual name)
    5. I went into WordPress dashboard/Settings/Reading and set the homepage to /new-home-page/ from the drop down.
    6. Despite setting the homepage to new-home-page in the settings, the site *still* loads the /old-(sitename)-homepage/ when you visit the site or click on the logo. My boss also wanted the “Product” tab in the navigation to direct to the homepage, and that still goes to the old homepage too. (see private content box for actual name)
    7. It’s been over 10 days, and still, if I try to set the homepage to any other page, it defaults to this old one.
    8. I’m going to try contacting theme support again, but so far no luck. I’ve asked them multiple times. Going to leave a new ticket linking to the old one as a last resort after I finally break for lunch/dinner tonight since they seem to respond to new tickets a lot faster.

    Anyhow, my boss told me to go ahead and take the first two steps to take the site live. He and the client will be pointing the A record later tonight, so there won’t be anything for you to look at until they do that, since I already took the first two steps.

    Please also see the original ticket here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/contact-form-2-questions-return-name-and-making-a-form-field-optional/#post-1208698 and please thoroughly read through everything and all replies on that thread from 4/20/2020 to today 4/30/2020. You will find the login credentials there as well, and I added a reply tonight with the new URL in the private content box. I’ll add the new URL here too, but you’ll have to read the original thread to get the login info I created for you.
    I hope you can help us with this! Thank you kindly.

    Charissa for Nikos (username is his name since we use his account for envato purchases, but I do all the site-building and support contacting).


    So, I happened to ask WP engine support about this glitch tonight, and they fixed it. But we still aren’t getting emails from the contact form. Can you help with that?


    So, again, also posted in this thread, but never answered: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/contact-form-2-questions-return-name-and-making-a-form-field-optional/#post-1208698
    I’ll paste the back end settings in the private form below.

    So, the main problem is, when the form is filled out, the addresses listed on the back end that are supposed to receive the message never do.

    But I do receive a confirmation at the email I used when filling out the form on the front end, and when I reply to that email, it goes to the two email addresses listed on the back end separated by commas.

    Why are we not getting the messages sent from the form on the site though? We took the site live tonight, and I thought maybe this issue would work once the site was live and no longer staged at the WP Engine address, but it still doesn’t work. Can you help? we need to get this up and running asap in order to share the site.


    We finally figured all this out with help from WP Engine support since we could never get an answer from theme support on this.


    Hi nikosiatropoulos,

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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