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    Ingunn Borren

    Hello Kriesi and ENFOLD

    I’m the admin for a little website running on PHP 5.6.40. There is now a need to update the PHP to 7+. Doing the compatibility testing + making a test clone, this theme (seemingly) doesn’t allow the website to be updated.

    I asked here and there, and the web host said if plugins and themes are regularly developed/updated, then there shouldn’t be a problem to start using fx PHP 7.3.

    Checking the details for the ENFOLD theme, I can see it’s version 3.2. I searched in the forum on your website, and in a post there is a recommendation to run on version 4.7.2 for this theme.

    Some of the themes in WordPress backend are updated automatically (well, I have to accept/activate it), and I thought so with this as well. BUT I know reckon, and the web host thought so as well, that this is something that has to be bought. Right?

    So, the questions are:
    1) Which version do I need?
    2) How much does it cost?
    3) Can I be sure that PHP 7.3 can be use if I do this?
    4) So, if it can be afforded, and it is useful for the PHP update: how do I do this practically?

    Thank you for your time! Kind regards,
    Ingunn Borren


    Hey Ingunn Borren,

    Sorry for the problem. The update to 4.7.x has to be done manually from the version you are running, please refer to my replies in this thread:

    You can either update manually via FTP:, or use a plugin to upload the theme zip file:

    If that doesn’t work then please try to delete the whole theme folder, then replace it with the new version. Make sure that you have backups of the site before starting updating.

    After you have updated then try to activate the Classic Editor in the main page of the theme options.

    Also please read this after you have updated:

    Also make sure that your WordPress installation is running the current version. You might want to perform the update on a staging version of the site first in order to not run into any problems with your live site.

    Best regards,


    Hi again,

    Updating the theme doesn’t cost anything, but you need to have access to the themeforest account which you bought the theme with.

    The latest version of the theme is compatible with PHP 7.3.

    You should be able to set the PHP version in the backend of your hosting providers system. If not then reach out to them for help with that.

    Best regards,


    Ingunn Borren

    Hello again Rikard

    I received the themeforest update from the person who created the website, and I downloaded as you suggested.

    The “readme.txt” in the plugin folder says:”1. Make sure this plugin is installed and activated”

    It’s always obvious when you know lol, but right now the question is; how do I do that – is it via the WordPress back end or is something lacking in this folder? Neither of the files in the plugin folder is a program … I don’t know how it works. The files in the plugin folder are:

    Kind regards
    Ingunn Borren


    Ingunn Borren

    And thank you a lot for answering and help! :)


    Hi Ingunn Borren,

    You don’t need to unzip the file you have downloaded from the link you gave.
    You just need to go to the WordPress Dashboard/Backend then go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin, then upload the zip file and install it :)
    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,


    Ingunn Borren

    Hello Nikko (and Rikard)

    Thank you for your help! Plugin is uploaded and installed and the same with the new themeforest. All good!

    Kind regards
    Ingunn :)


    Ingunn Borren

    Hello again

    Now having updated the theme, I tried the compatibility check to see if the site can be upgraded to PHP 7.3, but the scan says about ENFOLD:
    “The plugin/theme was skipped as it was too large to scan before the server killed the process.”

    Do you have any idea about what to do?

    Kind regards,


    Hi Ingunn,

    I’m not sure why that is to be honest with you, but you can always change the PHP version and see if everything works as it should. If not then you can always change it back. Please be sure to have backups of the site before doing this though, in case you should need to restore the site.

    Best regards,


    Ingunn Borren

    Hi Rikard, thank you for your reply and advice! Kind regards, Ingunn


    Hi Ingunn,

    Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you should need any further help from us.

    Best regards,

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