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    Great theme and great support! Thank you.

    I have recently updated to 4.3. On my home page at, the fullwidth easy slider has a fallback image for mobile. On a desktop, the video works fine, but on mobile, it just displays [object Object] in its place. It still has the blue overlay color displaying. I have disabled plugins and cleared cache, but that did not seem to affect it. I tried to remove the image, publish and then reload the image and publish, but that did not work. Any ideas?


    Hey Clay,

    Can you disable caching and minification for now?

    Best regards,


    I have disabled the WP Rocket plug in and the merging and compression under the 4.3 performance tab. Purged the cache and it still does not work.



    I can see the video getting smaller on mobile, resizing properly and keep playing.
    I have an iOS Device

    Best regards,


    Hello – I am not sure I am posting this in the right place. I am having issues with the fallback image as well. It seems to repeat, but when I add background-repeat: no-repeat !important; into the with the quick css below – it completely removes the image. It is also shifting like it set to parallax, but it is not. Any help would be appreciated.

    .avia_mobile .avia-fullscreen-slider .avia-slideshow>ul>li{
    background-size: contain !important;


    Disregard my previous post. I posted in the wrong place. Thanks!


    This is still an issue for me. The fallback image is not appearing on mobile. I have disabled the caching plugin. Please take another look.



    I can still see your mobile video loading fine on my iPhone…

    Best regards,


    j’ai exactement le meme problème que Claychurchill sur Ipad 10.5 pouce sur Samtphone Asus Androïd alors que cela fonctionnait avant la mise à jour. Sur mobile, elle affiche simplement [objet Objet] à sa place.
    Merci pour votre aide.


    I have exactly the same problem as Claychurchill on iPad 10.5 inch on Samtphone Asus Android while it worked before the update. On mobile, it simply displays [Object Object] in its place. For example you can see here
    i clear the cache on my device, i try on Ipad and samrtphone Asus and i make a new page only with Fullwidth Easy Slider.
    Always the same problem display only [Object Object] with 4.2 it was ok .
    anks for your help.

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    Hi claychurchill,

    I see the fallback image on my iPhone. Could you please clear the cache on your device, check again and on another device and get back to us.

    Best regards,


    I am French so it is difficult for me to be sure to formulate my problem. But I will try.
    Since version 4.3.1 all the pages of my site which use “full easy slider” display on my smartphone Asus or on my Ipad [object Object] as he says claychurchill.
    You can see my problem here a special page for you.

    Since this problem, I emptied the cache of explorers, I created a Teaser page with only “Fullwidth Easy Slider” always same problem.
    And when i click on [object Object] this message is display “The image could not be loaded”

    problem with Fullwith Easy Slider since 4.3.1 with Smartphone and Ipad
    Best regards,
    Michel Joly


    Hi Studio-ADE,

    Can you give us temporary admin access to your website in the private content box below, so that we can have a closer look?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria
    ok i try to do that.
    Thank you


    Hi Studio-ADE,

    I think the easiest solution here would be to hide the easy slider with the video for the screen size where it is not working and make a new one with the image just to show in those cases. You can do that by using screen options. I cannot reproduce the issue in browser emulators and so I cannot properly examine it.

    Best regards,


    Miracle! Following your answer today I realize that everything that does not work on my ipad work. And even better because it is the video that is displayed and not a replacement image. I can not explain why ??
    By cons on the smartphone Asus Android I still have the same problem.
    I added an image with the video in “Fullwidth Easy Slider”
    It is ok on Ipad, but on Smartphone the image is displayed then when it is the turn of the video there is always [Object object] ??
    i have the same problem with “Fullwidth Easy Slider” and ” Easy Slider” .

    I may not have understood your solution because of the language.
    Would you be kind enough to create a page on my site with your proposal that I can see and understand your solution?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Michel Joly

    The test page

    A page of the site that uses “Fullwidth Easy Slider”


    Hi Studio-ADE ,

    Please check that page on mobile, I used screen options to hide the sliders with video on mobile and show just the ones with images.

    Best regards,


    I guess you want me to look at this page
    what do you mean with ” I used screen options to hide the sliders” ? J’ai utilisé des options d’écran pour masquer les curseurs?
    I do not see where it is.

    I see that you have deleted the video in the slideshow ( Fullwidth Easy Slider and other ) to leave only an image.
    That’s not what I want to do unless your solution is to stack two Fullwidth Easy Slider?
    your answer does not specify it.
    Best regards,


    Je vous invite à regarder cette page
    et à la comparer avec celle-ci
    sur un Smartphone, une tablette et sur un ordinateur de bureau . Sachez que ma priorité est l’affichage de video à cause de mon activité.
    Vous trouverez mes remarques également sur cette page:

    I invite you to look at this page”
    and compare it with it
    on a smartphone, tablet and desktop computer. Know that my priority is the display of video because of my activity.
    You will also find my remarks on this page:

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    Hi Victoria,
    I invite you to look at these pages
    Best regards,


    Hi Michel,

    I just checked your website on my iphone but i cannot reproduce the issue. I noticed you updated the theme to 4.3.2. Has that helped? :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit
    I was hoping the 4.3.2 update would fix the problem but it’s not.
    Since version 4.3 the replacement image is no longer displayed on my smartphone and my tablet using the Full Slider Easy Slider A few days later I realize that on my tablet only the video is displayed without changing anything. Except the miracle won’t happen on my smartphone.
    Following the passage of Victoria who has “administrator” access to my site, I realize that by stacking on an existing page already using a Full Slider Easy Slider a second Full Slider Easy Slider, on my desktop computer and on my tablet it is ONLY the top slider, the one containing the video that is displayed and that on my Smartphone it is only the bottom slider containing images that is displayed.
    So I make a copy of the code on a blank page, then I create a page manually I never managed to reproduce the result. get this: . ??
    In summary since update 4.3 :
    Slider Easy Slider Fallback Image does not work as for “claychurchill” c’est mon problème
    And by chance while trying to solve the problem I realize that and which are (for me) identical do not display the same things on web browsers.
    I haven’t heard from Victoria, so maybe you can get in touch with her for acces to my site.

    Best regards,

    Bonjour, j’espérais que la mise à jour 4.3.2 réglerait le problème mais il en est rien.
    Depuis la version 4.3 l’image de remplacement ne s’affiche plus sur mon smartphone et ma tablette en utilisant le Full Slider Easy Slider Quelques jours plus tard je m’aperçois que sur ma tablette uniquement la video s’affiche sans rien modifier. Sauf que le miracle n’aura pas lieu sur mon smartphone.
    Suite au passage de Victoria qui a un accès “administrateur” à mon site, je m’aperçois qu’en empilant sur une page existante utilisant déjà un Full Slider Easy Slider un deuxième Full Slider Easy Slider, sur mon ordinateur de bureau et sur ma tablette c’est UNIQUEMENT le slider du haut, celui contenant la video qui s’affiche et que sur mon Smartphone c’est uniquement le slider du bas celui contenant des images qui s ‘affiche.
    Je fais donc un copier du code sur une page vierge, puis je crée une page manuellement je n’ ai jamais réussi à reproduire le résultat. ‘obtiens ceci : .

    En résumé depuis la mise à jour 4.3 :
    Slider Easy Slider Fallback Image ne fonctionne pas comme pour “claychurchill”
    Et par hasard en essayant de régler le problème je m’aperçois que et qui sont (pour moi) identiques n’affichent pas les mêmes choses sur les explorateur web.

    Je n’ai plus de nouvelle de Victoria, vous pouvez peut être vous mettre en relation avec elle.


    I am having the same problem on one of my sites:
    – video is also shown in mobile instead of image.
    – additionally it also displays: [object object]
    – i already patched the .php files to enable autoplay as per other other recommendation.
    – problem accoured when moving to first version 4.3.x

    thanks for looking into it.



    I was not able to get it fixed, and I had not heard back for some time so I deleted that module and used two that were specific to screen sizes. I am good with this fix, but the issue seems to still be there with the fullwidth easy slider not working correctly. Consider mine closed.


    Easy Slider and Easy slider full width create the same problem.
    What I would like is simply to find what was working before the update. That is to say the display of an image on smartphones and tablets when it is not possible to have the video. I absolutely want to keep the video on all my pages. That’s why I chose Enfold because he was able to do it.
    I find it abnormal that the update creates new bugs when it is supposed to fix some.
    Will each update require redoing, modifying, its site?
    Is it possible to go back to the previous version of Enfold?
    Is it also possible to know if someone is taking care of our problems here because there is nothing to indicate that anyone is. Is there anyone looking for a solution?
    I hope that at the next update you won’t have new claychurchill problems because if every update removes functions we won’t be able to do anything anymore.

    Easy Slider et Easy slider pleine largeur crées le même problème.
    Ce que je voudrais c’est simplement retrouver ce qui fonctionnait avant la mise à jour. C’est à dire l’affichage d’une image sur les smartphones et tablettes quand ce n’est pas possible d’avoir la video. Je veux absolument garder la video sur toutes mes pages. C’est pour cela que j’ai choisi Enfold puisque il était capable de le faire.
    Je trouve anormal que la mise à jour crée des bugs nouveaux alors qu’elle est censée en corriger.
    Est ce qu’ à chaque mise à jour il va falloir refaire, modifier, son site ?
    Est il possible de revenir à la version précédente d’Enfold ?
    Est il possible également de savoir si quelqu’un s’occupe ici de nos problèmes car rien indique que quelqu’un le fasse. Il y a t il quelqu’un qui cherche une solution ?
    J’espère qu’a la prochaine mise à jour vous n’aurez pas de nouveaux problèmes claychurchill car si chaque mise à jour supprime des fonctions on ne pourra plus rien faire.


    Hi, I would like to know if this page is used as support when buying an Enfold theme?
    If it is this help solution that is offered for sale as a subscription on the Envato market website:
    How do I know if someone is looking for a correction to the problem reported here about the “Fullwidth Easy Slider Fallback Image not working”?

    Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir si c’est cette page qui fait office de support quand on achète un thème Enfold?
    Si c’est cette solution d’aide qui est proposée à la vente sous forme d’abonnement sur le site de Envato market :

    Comment faire pour savoir si quelqu’un est en train de chercher une correction au problème rapporter ici au sujet du “Fullwidth Easy Slider Fallback Image not working”?



    We are very sorry for the troubles this issue caused you. We provided a fix for the sliders’ fallback image script. Please check this thread.


    It should work for the easy and full width easy slider.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    not being very familiar with code, can you tell me if the correction you propose me to make will be made during the next update of your theme?
    Thank you for your help
    Best regards,

    Bonjour Ismael,
    n’étant pas très familier de code, pouvez vous me dire si la correction que vous me proposer de faire sera effectuée lors de la prochaine mise à jour de votre thème ?
    Merci pour votre aide.


    Hello someone ??,
    I updated the theme to version 4.4 and the problem is still present when I use Fullwidth Easy Slider . There is always [object][object] that appears and still not the replacement image of the video on the smarphones .
    Do you plan to fix this bug that appeared in version 4.3?
    Best regards
    Michel Joly

    Bonjour quelqu’un ??
    j’ai mis à jour le thème vers la version 4.4 et le problème est toujours présent quand j’utilise Fullwidth Easy Slider . Il y a toujours [object] [object] qui apparaît et toujours pas l’image de remplacement de la vidéo sur les smartphones .
    Comptez vous apporter un correctif à ce bug apparut à la version 4.3 ?



    This is not included in the latest version yet. Please provide the FTP details in the private field so that we could add the modification.

    Best regards,

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