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    Hi. I seem to have a problem editing a text block.
    I can see text in text mode but nothing in visual mode.


    Here is a screenshot to show what I am seeing:


    Hi marko7,

    Thanks for giving us admin access.
    I have checked the backend and it has some js errors in the web console.
    Can you try to temporarily disable all plugins? then check.
    Then enable them one by one to know which one causes the issue.

    Best regards,


    Deactivated all plugins but problem remains.


    Having the same problem with .


    besides the script problematic – see your source code some entries in the body tag – etc. pp ( Google Analytics code etc)
    (how did you insert your Analytics Code >? f.e.)

    maybe that causes my hypothesis:
    try to select some “invisible” text – this seems to be white font on white background. Because i see the spell check working in your screenshot.


    I can select the invisible white text.

    I inserted Analytics in theme.



    Sorry for the problem. I see that you are running an old version of the theme on both sites, could you try to update to the latest version ( to see if that helps please? The update to 4.6.x has to be done manually from the version you are running, please refer to my replies in this thread:

    You can either update manually via FTP:, or use a plugin to upload the theme zip file:

    If that doesn’t work then please try to delete the whole theme folder, then replace it with the new version. Make sure that you have backups of the site before starting updating.

    Also please read this after you have updated:

    Best regards,


    I just downloaded what I thought was the latest version and uploaded via FTP but the themes option page is telling me it’s 4.4.1

    Can you please check?


    I have just downloaded a zip.file from . . which is 20.7MB
    Is this

    Thanks, Mark.


    Hi Mark,

    You linked to a pirate site selling our theme illegally. There is only one place where you buy our theme and that is Themeforest. If you don’t own a legal copy then you can purchase it as well as download it from there.

    Best regards,


    Sorry about that. Didn’t realise. I uploaded that pirate folder via FTP but the theme page is saying I still have 4.4.1 It was supposed to be 4.6.3!
    I do have a legal copy. I have been with Themeforest for years and love Enfold.
    OK. I have now just got a copy from your site –
    It says it is version 4.6.3
    Don’t know where to find but I’m assuming 4.6.3 is OK and will do the job.
    I’ll upload this and see how it goes.
    OK. I have just uploaded the folder from your site. 4.6.3 but it’s still saying I have the latest version which is 4.4.1

    And I have quite a few Enfold folders now.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    • This reply was modified 8 months ago by  marko7.

    Please do upload a complete new Enfold Folder like here:

    Because: Pirated (Nulled) Themes do often includes malware or spyware.
    so to be sure that there is no additional code in your enfold folder – this was my advice.

    PS both sites are still on older versions: the one on 4.0.5 the other on 4.4.1


    I have just uploaded the folder from your site. 4.6.3 but it’s still saying I have the latest version which is 4.4.1
    I don’t understand this.
    I will delete the pirate and all other Enfold folders and try again.
    What do you mean by both sides?

    Thanks again. Mark.


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the update, I think that sounds like the first step you should take. Erase everything which you have uploaded from pirate site and replace them with fresh copies from your Themeforest account.

    Best regards,


    OK. Will give it a go.


    sorry : both sites

    I’m sorry I’m saying this now, you think you should play it safe and start over.
    So-called Nulled Themes can also put code into other folders (of course also into the wp-content folder etc.).
    For me the risk would be too high. Therefore : even the database should be completely rebuilt. And also upload a new WordPress. Sounds paranoid, but it would be too unsafe for me to invest too much work and then be blocked by Google because the site sends tons of spam.



    Thanks for helping out @guenni007, I do agree with your suggestions.

    Best regards,


    I have just recently uploaded the latest WP version. How do I upload it again?


    Hi. I have just checked a few of my other sites that are running old Enfold versions and they have the same problem in the visual editor. I have recently updated to the latest WP version on all my sites so I’m assuming the old Enfold versions are not fully compatible with the latest WP version?
    What do you think?

    One of my sites running Enfold 4.5 is OK.

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    • This reply was modified 8 months ago by  marko7.

    Many hosters are now forced to switch to higher php versions. Most notify you that the 5.6 versions will now be disabled, but not all. I don’t remember when the enfold versions needed newer php versions higher than 7, but maybe that’s the reason.

    Then: did you disable Gutenberg (Block Editor)? I only use the Classic Editor setting with Enfold:
    Enfold (Child) – Theme Options – Select Your Editor


    I don’t like the block editior but the Classic seems to be underneath.
    How/where do I disable Gutenberg?


    Successfully updated by FTP and this fixed the problem with the visual editor.
    Now, will do the same with all of my other sites and hopefully all is well.
    Thanks for all your help.


    Hi Mark,

    Great, I’m glad that you got things working and thanks for the update. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic.

    Best regards,



    All good updating &

    Just get a spinning ball with


    Regards, Mark.


    Hi Mark,

    Please open a new thread and include admin login details in private for the site you are having problems with. This thread is very long already so it’s easier for us to keep your new problem separated in a new thread.

    Best regards,





    Thanks for the update, I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now then. Let’s continue in your other thread.

    Best regards,

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