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    Hi guys,

    I was thinking about asking if it wouldn’t be helpful to have a translation team.
    That would allow us to release the new versions with all the updated languages.

    What do you think, it’s doable?

    Best regards


    Hey Luigi,

    You can submit your translations here if you like: Any help with translations is very appreciated :-)

    Best regards,


    Hello @Rikard

    I have already published the Italian translation here

    My question is to see if we can create a group to do the translations for the release version.
    So at the moment the version is 4.7.3, the next version of Enfold will be 4.7.?? but not the translations.
    See what I’m talking about?

    Best regards



    Thanks for your suggestion!

    We will discuss this in our internal channel and post in in case we look for forming translation contributors team.

    We usually have beta versions before stable releases. We can share them with you which would have new strings included and you could contribute translations if that sounds good to you :)

    Best regards,


    Hi @Yigit

    Sure! You can consider me to translate the beta versions.
    When it’s available you can contact me.

    Best Regards



    I noted and I will share beta version when it is available :) Thanks!

    Best regards,


    Hi, guys,

    I’ve just downloaded version 4.7.4 and checked the Italian translation.
    As I imagined, there are many new untranslated strings and this is exactly what I wanted to mean when I proposed to create a translation team.

    4443 strings versus 4258 of version 4.7.3
    Ok I’m going to translate and then publish the link to download the updated version on the related topic.




    I already have your email in my notes but we have not released any beta versions for this release therefore I could not provide you a copy. Sorry about that!

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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