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    Great, glad it’s working now :)

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    I just started using Thrive. Adding this CSS doesn’t fix the responsive issue for me. Is this workaround still functional for you?


    Hi michaelgallacher,

    Please post a link to where we can see the problem you are having.

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    Hi I have the same problem with the plugin from Thrive. Neither Thrive Leads nor Thrive Architect can be loaded. Load and load the ready-made landing pages or boxes for Thrive Leads…
    EnfoldVersion: is installed In the past I had no problems with it?
    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks a lot


    Hi @ulrich1961

    On my end, this has happened repeatedly, and usually was solved with the following aproaches:

    • If you use WordFence as the plugin, make sure you place the firewall into “learning mode”
    • If you use any sort of caching plugin, minification of .js files, CDN provider etc. you need to thoroughly flush the cache, rebuild any minification routines, and object cache, and preload files etc.
    • If all the above fail, make sure you try to login to your site with an anonymous browser tab to double check if that makes a difference.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks for sharing @juergenb, did you try that out and did you have any luck with it @ulrich1961?

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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