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    mein Problem ist, dass Enfold keine Parallax auf mobile Geräten anzeigt.
    Daher war meine Idee, dass ich ein Farb-Sektion über die gesamte Breite und mind. 100% der Browserhöhe verwende. In die Farbsektion wollte ich ein Text-Block einfügen, in dem ich dann mit dem Advanced WordPress Backgrounds mein Bild mit Parallax (auch mobil) einfüge.


    Ohne Text im Textfeld ist die Textbox (also auch mein Hintergrundbild) nicht sichtbar. Fügt man Text hinzu, ist das Feld nur auf der Höhe des vorhandenen Textes sichtbar.

    Wie kann ich erzwingen, dass die Textbox auch ohne Inhalt (Text) auf der vollen Höhe der Farbsektion zu sehen ist?

    Danke und Gruß aus Köln

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    my problem is, that enfold doesn’t support the parallax effect on mobile devices.

    My idea:

    I put a color section on with min 100% Screen-size. In that color section cpu a text-box, in wich i put the advanced WordPress Background. This plugin could create the parallax- effect, even mobile.
    The problem is, that the text-box does not show up 100% of the height of the screen. it will only be as high as the text inside the box. If i leave it blank (what i want, cause i only need the Background-pic with the parallax-effect) the text-box doesn’t show up!

    Going crazy!



    This is not just Enfold but basicaly something that is because of how we have implemented the Parallax Functionality.
    We do work on some new things and new demos, so this will get fixed on the near feature.

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,

    thank you for your respond. Until Kriesi will get this in a further update of Enfold, I would like to solve this problem.
    For that, I need to force a Text-Box to an specific height, even if there is no Text in it!!!

    Someone an idea?

    Best regards


    Hi RayDonovan,

    Yes, you can add the min-height to the Text block with the css. What value do you need to add?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    Perfect would be a „100% size of Screen „ Box like you can select by a colour section.

    Would the CSS Code affect al Text Boxes or only one specific?

    Text box do not Support a Custom ID or do they?



    Hi RayDonovan, Here is the html for the text block, os you can always target the section.av_textblock_section .av_textblock
    and there is the option to add the custom id to the tex block too
    Image 2019-12-08 at 20.11.56.png

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria,

    i don’t have that option. :(

    i only have:

    – element visibility
    – Font Size

    Best Regards



    Thanks for the update. Do you select to hide those options under Enfold->Layout builder in the Hide template builder developer options option? If you don’t have those options then you are likely running an old version of the theme. If that is the case then please update to the latest version of the theme (

    Best regards,

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