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    Hope you are well,

    For some reason the table on mobile devices shows all the rows first and not the tables. Similar to how the pricing table would work, it shows all the content in the column first and then moves on to the next column content.
    Can I have some CSS to change this.
    It should show all of DAY 1 first then Day 2 and so forth.


    Hey Lisaodo,

    This page redirects to the page with pricing. Where can we see the actual issue?

    Best regards,


    Oh sorry,

    That is because the site isn’t live yet and has restricted content to members.. Sorry here you go in private content.

    I will add logins too, so you can see. So essentially on mobile devices i need the all data in column 1 to be seen then stacked to column 2 and so fourth. At the moment you can see the table show the rows first.

    I also see that tables need to be widden, I do want the pages so you can see the content or full width. As you can see the table doesn’t completely fit

    See here



    @lisaodo you need to be sure that in the table option -> responsive styles
    you do need to select “make the entire table scrollable”
    otherwise the layout will break and all the columns will shown one on the top of each.

    I’m asking the support, is there a way to “break” the table vertically on the mobile devices instead of having by default “show the full table” that off course doesn’t work because is impossible to show an horizontal table into a vertical display?

    Thank you.


    Thank you,
    @marco3253 I do need the margins to be wider too, Al the columns squish up the more content you have in them.



    Thank you for writing to us.

    There is not enough space to fit in all the columns however if you like to reduce the gap on both the sides of the color section inside which the table is please check the below link

    You can reduce the padding left and padding right to 10px.

    #section-container-padding .container {
        /* Define custom padding value */
        padding:100px 10px !important;

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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