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    D hughes


    I posted yesterday with my struggles registering yesterday. I am thankful Rikard replied but the suggestion was to privately message with purchase details. How is that possible when your support is completely locked down?

    I cannot register because my code is tied to an email I do not have.
    I cannot email you our purchase docs because there is no email you offer.
    I cannot DM because I cannot login.

    I am content with community support, but I can’t even get that far. My email is a required field to submit this pre-sale, but what for? You have all the tools to help me not be stuck in this loop. Maybe just email email me?


    Hey D hughes,
    Thank you for your patience I tried to research your past thread and I believe it was this one for the enfold theme at, and you provided a Purchase code which I checked here. This purchase code only offers support in the forum until 2018-12-08
    When you purchase the license for the theme it is forever but typically only includes 6 months of support, you can purchase more support in your Theme Forest (Envato) account you can read more here.
    If you don’t have a Theme Forest (Envato) account because you are using a license given to you by a developer, then ask him to extend your support or create your own account when you purchase a license directly from Envato. Envato will not transfer licenses, and due to our contract with Envato we can not directly sell licenses or support.
    I see your original question was about significant speed issues and the site is using v5.4, when I check it seems to load in 1.72s which is very good, if you want to try to improve it try reading our article here.
    If you have further questions please try renewing your support and open a new thread.

    Best regards,

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