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    this is my task:
    – I have 20 pages
    – Every page should contain the same form.

    (When i say “same” i mean “exact this” – not copies.)

    How can this be done?
    Iframe? How?
    Widget-Area? How can i put the form into a widget?

    Kind regards


    Well you say it i name it: use the ALB Element : Widget Area
    You can create on widgets a new widget area – f.e.: form1
    place inside that new widget area your form and place it with that above mentioned ALB : Widget Area to all of your 20 pages

    Next: how to put a form in a widget area?
    How would you do it on a normal situation – do you have a shortcode for it?

    Is it an enfold generated form? – then you can copy that enfold – shortcodes and place a html widget in that new widget-area – copy&paste that enfold shortcodes of that form to it.

    you know how to get the enfold shortcodes?



    You can refer to @guenni007’s post above and to get the Enfold shortcodes, you can refer to this post – and enable debugging mode for ALB. After enabling debugging mode, you would see the shortcodes of the page in debug area right below Advanced Layout Builder.

    Thanks for your help @guenni007!



    Hallo @guenni007
    thanx for helping out.
    I didnt knew that widgets are able to process shortcodes.
    That was the “bottleneck”

    kind regards



    Yes, you can use shortcodes in the widget element. Let us know if you need more help with this.

    Best regards,


    i didn’t test text widget – but html widget does.

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