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    Hi All,

    When is Enfold 4.6.4 scheduled for release?
    The following bugs need fixing urgently.

    1. The contact form bugs have meant I have disabled recaptcha for the time being. This will lead to increased spam emails so it is not ideal.
    “This contact form is deactivated because you refused to accept Google reCaptcha service which is necessary to validate any messages sent by the form.”
    This happens in incognito mode and on computers that have had their cache cleared.

    2. The cookie consent bar does not display on mobiles at all.

    Hope to get a solution very very soon.


    Same here, This Contact Form Recaptcha Bug is so annoying. Please fix it.

    Edit: It might be that one side of the problem is TotalCache and HTML minifying.



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    If you disable those, everything is working and u are directing that the issue is there?

    Best regards,


    Hi Baslilis,

    My mail server has just been blacklisted because of spam contact form submissions. I thought this would happen.

    This problem is URGENT and needs a fix now. The only workaround for all customers is to disable the contact forms completely until this is fixed. I hope you understand the severity of this issue for business users of Enfold.

    I now have a huge amount of work to do this morning to get the IP address delisted and the contact forms removed from about 10 websites.

    Please can you answer the two questions asked in the original post above – When will the spam protection be fixed? and when will the cookie message bug be fixed so contact forms work correctly on mobiles and in incognito mode?



    We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

    1.) Did you set the Privacy & Cookies > Default Cookie Behaviour to the second or third option? This means that the essential cookies required for the spam protection is not available on page load, so it will not work immediately. Users have to accept the cookies first and reload the page, if auto reloading is disabled, in order to use the contact form properly, or for the spam protection to function as expected. You can either set the cookie behavior to the first option in order for the spam protection to work immediately on page load without requiring the user to accept the cookies, or leave the behavior as is and enable the default captcha in the contact for added security. Another alternative is to use a different contact form with the same spam protection option.

    2.) Are you having this issue on Safari browser? This thread should help fix the problem.


    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    Thank you for getting back to me.

    1) Thanks, the default privacy settings were set and the issue still occurs.
    The standard math problem is too easily defeated by spam bots. This caused my server’s IP address to be blacklisted (I have 16 installs of Enfold running on a shared server environment all sending spam emails back to customers, this caused the server to be put on a blacklist).

    I had only just moved my customers to the Enfold default contact form because it is 100x more efficient to do it this way. Contact Form 7 – An alternative I would have used before severely reduces the pagespeed scores for any WordPress website. Not just Enfold. I have reverted all of the affected customers back to Contact Form 7, added a function to stop contact form 7 loading on every page and revert back to Google Recaptcha V2. This helps in general but if the website design has a contact form on every page then it will affect the sites overall speed performance. So Enfold’s contact form is the best option for speed and performance – If it works properly!

    2) I will try this workaround and write a response if it works. This affects all installs of Enfold.



    Sorry for the late response. Did you toggle the Performance > File Compression settings after upgrading the theme? Toggling the compression settings should regenerate the scripts and ensure that the required scripts are loaded properly.

    Can we access one of the sites with the issue? We can’t really reproduce the issue on our end. The spam protection works fine as long as the essential cookies are present in the local storage.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    Yes – Cache purged, deleted old merged files and used incognito mode to test.

    If you clear your browser history (inc cached files) and then try loading your test site you will see the issue.

    I have migrated all of my customers back to my modified version of contact form 7. I am in the middle of 3 other Enfold web projects at the moment so I will get back to you when I get the chance to test this.

    I will need to create a new enfold contact form on a non public page so we can investigate properly. I’ll get back to you shortly.



    Thank you for the update.

    We cleared the browser cache before we checked the page — it’s a standard procedure. Please update us once the test page is available so that we can check the issue again. Make sure that all sites contain the latest version of the theme,

    Best regards,

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