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    In this topic; I told about the problems I have with installing the Rublon plugin. I do have trouble too now with using the Live Traffic option in the plugin WordFence.

    Note that I use Rublon and Wordfence on a lot of other sites together without any problems. These other sites don’t use the Enfold theme).

    In the previous topic the conclusion was that it has nothing to do with the Enfold theme. But now I used the browser console to look for any errors when using the Wordfence Live Traffic and I find these 2 errors (screenshot):

    “Avia tooltip is not a contructor” seems to have something to with the Enfold theme/Avia builder? And what is the other error? Could these 2 errors cause the problems with some plugins not working properly?

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    Can you help me with this one please?


    Hello my friends from Kriesi, is anyone going to help me with this please? Thank you!



    could you explain which problems you experience exactly on the frontend? so what exactly is not working properly?

    Have in mind that we have no experience with this plugin and it’s not one recommended in our plugin list for Enfold. So best to contact plugin’s author for support about it, as they know their plugin best.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy,

    My question is not about this plugins anymore. I have deleted them now. The problem is that the 2 errors like “Avia tooltip is not a contructor” are still there. These errors seems to be related to the theme?

    So what does it mena “Avia tooltip is not a contructor” and what can I do to solve this?
    Thank you!




    The solution to that, is to upload the theme through FTP again, to overwrite the JS of the theme.
    After that, please also clear your cache and give it a try.

    Do let us know if that will solve your issues.
    Thanks a lot

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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