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    I am using, and like, the LayerSlider. I’m wondering if support is going to catchup soon (a couple of weeks) – or is it something that is starting to fall off due to chaos and issues/conflicts?



    From what I can see, there are several LayerSlider fixes and looks like an update for the next Enfold update. Typically we do update LayerSlider with Enfold updates.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,

    Great news – thank you.

    ~ Greg


    Dear Rikard: I do not want to mess with code, I shouldn’t have to do that to fix the lack of an update for a plugin coded, in to the theme.
    We’ve discussed this for a very long time now, over 6 months – this started in January or in 2016. I am going to look for another theme.
    No response necessary.


    I moved to Sucuri instead of Wordfence after my hosting company suggested Wordfence was not good on their shared cloud platform.
    No silly warning now lol.
    I have to admit, that I only have one site now (an old one) where I have Layslider in use. With all the updates Enfold has provided since then, I never have the need and customers are not willing to spend money on real fancy sliders. The basic fullwidth slider within Enfold work great.
    Perhaps it is the time to de-couple LS from the default install and have it as an option?


    Hi Heathcliffe,

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. We would of course consider dropping the Layer Slider but a lot of existing customers are using it so I don’t think it would be an option.

    Best regards,


    I read through all of this, but I just had enfold installed by you guys for me and layer slider doesn’t work. I would have responded on my post, but someone closed my thread 5 min after you asked if I had any other issues…


    Hi hodnetcreative,

    I’m not sure which thread you are talking about, you haven’t started any yourself? https://kriesi.at/support/profile/hodnetcreative/

    Please open a new thread and include admin login details to your site so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,

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    I see your webhost has PHP Version: 5.5.22 installed, please ask to have PHP Version: 7 installed.

    Best regards,


    I have Enfold theme and WordPress updated themes. Please be aware that I do not do code.
    I keep getting a layerslider not found red warning in my speed test. My site is loading in 15 seconds. I have deleted the sample sliders. I canniot figure out why there is a warning if I do not use or have a layerslider in my website.

    Is there a solution that does not require code?


    erslider/LayerSlider/avia-samples/slide3_l17.png <<< there are five lines of this slide one, two and three it is saying cannot find. 404.
    thank you in advance


    Is your speed test a plugin or a website like http://www.webpagetest.org/ ?
    Please try the website and link the results here.

    Best regards,


    It is not a plugin. As I stated it is a layslider issue warning. Please respond quickly. No one is getting to my website and I rely on this income. 404 warnings all related to the layerslider. You can run it yourself if you would like. http://www.extraeyesphototours.com

    6 http://www.extraeyes…ific-popup.css?ver=1 text/css 0.256 s – 46 ms – 125 ms 1 ms 2.1 KB – 200
    7 http://www.extraeyes…mentplayer.css?ver=1 text/html 0.27 s – – – 7353 ms 2 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    8 http://fonts.googlea…s?family=Metrophobic text/css 0.27 s 46 ms 37 ms – 52 ms 4 ms 0.8 KB – 200
    9 http://www.extraeyes…ss?ver=58f0bbc3ce5b2 text/css 0.384 s – – – 120 ms 67 ms 17.9 KB – 200
    10 http://www.extraeyes…css/custom.css?ver=2 text/css 0.385 s – – – 89 ms 4 ms 0.7 KB – 200
    11 http://www.extraeyes…slider.css?ver=5.5.0 text/html 0.396 s – – – 7163 ms 1 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    12 http://www.extraeyes…jquery.js?ver=1.12.4 application/x-javascript 0.483 s – – – 117 ms 61 ms 33.3 KB – 200
    13 http://www.extraeyes…ate.min.js?ver=1.4.1 application/x-javascript 0.485 s – – – 91 ms 4 ms 4.3 KB – 200
    14 http://www.extraeyes…-script.js?ver=4.7.3 text/html 0.491 s – – – 7121 ms 1 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    15 http://www.extraeyes…avia-compat.js?ver=2 application/x-javascript 0.576 s – – – 81 ms 1 ms 1.3 KB – 200
    16 http://www.extraeyes…ensock.js?ver=1.11.8 text/html 0.582 s – – – 7053 ms 5 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    17 http://www.extraeyes….jquery.js?ver=5.5.0 text/html 0.66 s – – – 6928 ms 1 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    18 http://www.extraeyes…sitions.js?ver=5.5.0 text/html 0.665 s – – – 6930 ms 1 ms 7.1 KB – 404
    19 http://www.extraeyes…-script.js?ver=4.7.3 text/html 7.7 s – 73 ms – 6658 ms 2 ms 7.1 KB – 404


    P.S (Added to above)and it is not that I do not want the layerslider. It is all because of this issue I attempted to not use it at all and turn it off. I would like to have it but can live without it if I must. Thank you!!!!


    How did you try to disable the layerslider? I take it that your site was working fine, and then one day it didn’t, was that after a update or something else? It looks like the login page is working, Can you please include a admin login in the private content area so we can take a closer look.
    Please provide FTP access so we can assist more.

    Best regards,


    I made changes in the Enfold theme page changing a few things in the Layerslider settings and nothing changed. I believe I put it back to where it was. I noticed I was not making any money and went to my website to change things and found the site not loading and just spinning for a long time. I do not know what FTP access is but here is the log in information so you can hopefully fix this.

    Thank you in advance.


    The issue that I am having is that I have no images in layerslider even after the update so I tried to de-activate Wordfence – now I get a blank screen after login and can’t access the WP dashboard at all. Any ideas???


    This is working now! Yay… but still now LayerSlider working, even with WordFence disabled… Any ideas if this is something that will be fixed soon? or is it just me?


    Glad it is working for you, but it sounds like you still have a issue to be looked at.
    Please open a new thread so we can assist, we will want communicate in the Private Content area, such as your URL & admin login, but as this is not your thread your info will not be private. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
    In your new thread please provide admin login info and detail your issue.

    Best regards,


    I responded to the questions asked of me on April 26th. It is now April 30th and I gave log in credentials and I still do not have a response. Is there someone who can help me. I advised this issue is interfering with my income. Site loading so slow no one is going to it and I rely on it for business. Please have someone advise asap.



    @extraeyes first of all disable w3 total cache. Second update your theme to the latest version. You are running on 3.3.2 which is heavily outdated. Before you do make a backup! Last but not least if you rely on your website for business you should have an wordpress expert at hand.


    Great now I get INSULTED by a stranger. I am running 4.2.6. Not sure where you get your info from and who you are with your inaccurate information. I have built 14 websites to date. One of which has 175 pages. Mind your own business while I wait for an expert at hand to help me.



    you have “Monster” images inside your Layerslider, one image (http://www.extraeyesphototours.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/GJ3A2282-Edit1.jpg) has nearly 1 MB …just for ONE image.

    I would first try to reduce them in their dimensions and especially in their file size!

    View post on imgur.com


    @extraeyes I don’t insult you. I tried to help. So calm down. The information provided comes from your websites sourcecode:

    Debugging Info for Theme support:
    Theme: Enfold
    Version: 3.3.2
    Installed: enfold
    AviaFramework Version: 2.2
    AviaBuilder Version: 0.8
    Updates: disabled

    That information says your installation is out of date.




    Don’t shout that loud :-D

    You DO have fullscreen slider on top of your page with “monster” images in it – no wonder, that your site is loading that slow – look at your source code :-)


    typing in caps does not mean shouting. I DO NOT HAVE A LAYERSLIDER IN MY WEBSITE!! LOL… Now I am shouting. totallly just kidding. I do not have a layerslider in my entire website. I have deleted all layersliders in the layerslider section. I have removed the layerslider from the front page MONTHS AGO! I had accidentally put a large image in it a very, very long time ago. When I had issues with the slider I REMOVED THE SLIDER COMPLETELY a long time ago. So this is why I need the help of Enfold to figure out why I am getting this issue on the speed test as I posted, what ? TWO WEEKS AGO??? So the other guy was saying I was using the version of Enfold from decades ago and I have the theme updated and it always has been. It is on auto udate. So I am waiting for hopefully Gigit to address this. I am sure he can fix it in 2 seconds flat but I for some reason I am not getting any help from them. I wrote to Envato yesterday and still no resopnse from them either. Hosting says zero they can do it is a theme issue. So here I sit waiting and waiting while frustration builds to no end.

    That image you posted was removed I would say… maybe six months ago. Just guessing because it was so long ago..



    @extra_eyes: Please open a new thread with the site url and the login credentials so that we can focus on your site’s issue. The site is running on a very old version of the theme, 3.3.2. You need upgrade it to version 4.3.1 and re-configure the theme options. After the update, come back to this thread and provide the url to your own thread then we’ll inspect the site.

    Best regards,


    Thank you Ismael. I will open a new thread. The theme is current and has been all along on auto update. Will discuss in new thread.

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