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    I am having an issue with the automatic updates not only on WordPress, but the theme itself. When I updated the theme, the site crashed. PHP was set and working at 7.0 but the site crashed. PHP error. Got on with GoDaddy and restored the site with a backup, but now I am afraid to go down again when I run the update for Enfold. Is there an issue with the PHP in the new update? Please advise. I am attaching login credentials for you to take a look.


    Hey Eric,

    You might have to update the theme manually since a few files have moved in the latest version. The easiest way to do it would be to delete the theme folder from the server, then upload the new version via FTP: https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/how-to-install-enfold-theme/#theme-update

    Best regards,


    Why wouldn’t your team handle this issue inside the update…I mean, we are simply talking about code, correct? Why not write those patches inside the update to handle this issue. Sure would make things easier on the customer.


    Hi Edelabarre,

    Sometimes WordPress update process cannot delete the files that need to be deleted or moved and so it results in errors, this is why it is better to update the theme via FTP from time to time.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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