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    I want to password protect a “tab”.
    So instead of password protecting queenstongroupproperties.com/index.php/residential/ I want to password protect this specific tab page url http://queenstongroupproperties.ca/index.php/residential/#tab-id-3

    Any suggestions?


    Hey brettb112!

    You can only do that with a restrct content plugin or restrict content shortcode, that will allow you to restrict a specific area.

    Thank u



    ok thanks basilis, is there a plugin that you can direct me to?


    ok, so i decided to create an image within the tab that redirects the user to a password protected page.

    My question is, how do I request the password each time the page is navigated away from? What I mean is, if I access the password protected page then exit the page and come back in an hour, there is no password requested. I want the password to be required each time you navigate away from the page then go back to the password protected page.



    maybe you’ll find something in our recommended plugin list: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/recommended-plugins/

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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