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    Hi I need to create some sliders with the parallax effect and have failed using layer slider and color box. So I decided to copy over the enfold video page from the demo files and renamed it. None of the videos are working (these are the enfold demo links). This is the demo page I copied over and renamed: I did not change anything whatsoever.

    Can you please advise what the issue could be be and how to fix?

    Thank you,


    Hi ycoleman31,

    Please try adding the following to your functions.php file to see if that helps:

    function modify_jquery() {
    if (!is_admin()) {
    	wp_register_script('jquery', '');
    add_action('init', 'modify_jquery');



    Eureka! That’s it Rikard. It’s working (I pasted the code into my functions.php in the theme folder.).

    Thank you so much!!!



    Glad we could help you out.
    Please do let us know if we cna do anything else for you




    Parallax is working great on desktop, however we cannot get it to work on any mobile device whether it is a phone or tablet, apple or android.

    I found a link to this post in the forum:

    and did exactly what it said to, but it did not work.

    in reviewing the shortcodes.js file, I also found this line of code around line 1847:

    _parallax_scroll: function(e)
    if(this.isMobile) return; //disable parallax scrolling on mobile

    var winTop = this.$win.scrollTop(),
    winBottom = winTop +,
    scrollPos = “0”,
    prop = {}, prop2 = {};

    should any of that be removed too?

    I also found around line 1782:

    //parallax scroll if element if leaving viewport
    if(!_self.isMobile) //disable parallax scrolling on mobile
    _self.$win.on( ‘scroll’, $.proxy( _self._on_scroll, _self) );


    should this be removed as well?

    Can you please advise.



    Thank you for using Enfold.

    My bad. The solution on the previous thread will only work for the full screen slider. Please try to modify the js > shortcodes.js file, look for this code around line 1944:

    				return; //disable parallax scrolling on mobile

    Note that the parallax may still not work for mobile due to various reasons.



    Ahhhh Ismael, there still is no way to have parallax working on mobile (even android is parallax smooth FINALLY! Caught up to iOS)? The themes I am buying these days are all mobile parallax friendly as is a #1 fav element/style to bring aboard as truly establishes amazing unique ‘Life’ to the mobile view experience. Plssss there must be a way these days for the INSANE Enfold/Krie$i madness to be #mobileparallaxfriendly?!



    We will notify Kriesi regarding this thread. Please wait for his response.

    Best regards,


    BIG APPRECIATION 100 Ismael and #hopeprayenvision THE MAN Krie$i can ROCK #MobileParallax Enfold $tyle 2016 for One and ALL!!



    Kriesi is a little bit busy doing some improvements on the theme and creating new demo so it may take a while before he can put his attention to this thread. If it helps, you can push the feature on our Feature Request Page:

    Best regards,


    Oh ok…I just posted in Feature Requests, thnks for letting me know



    Hi Stering,

    Great, thanks. Let’s hope your request gets implemented in a future release :-)



    YES RIkard, am Hoping, Praying, Fingers Crossed BIGTime 100 asap for Krie$i #MobileParallax World View Amazingness!!


    Any update on parallax on mobile?



    Please push the feature here:

    Best regards,

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