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    I have the latest enfold (3.5.1) and the latest WordPress 4.4.2. But on my IPad and IPhone the parallax is not working, instead just showing a fixed background image.

    Is there a way to fixed this?


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    Hi AboveDigital!

    Can you provide an username so we can access the site (maintenance enabled)?




    Details are in private content.



    Hey Ismael, SquareSpace seems to have parallax in iOS fixed and working incredibly well with CSS only (not JavaScript). It seems time to revisit this and we should be able to get it working just as well on Enfold.

    Can you please take a look at this web site below on SquareSpace? Note that it is using an , not background image with background-attachment:fixed on the containing div and it works amazing on iPad and iPhone:

    Honestly, statistically, we should really be targeting great experience on iOS and preferring over Windows Phone just simply based on market share. 86% of my mobile visitors are on iOS.

    I *love* enfold EXCEPT for this: sites look terrible on ipad because the parallax is disabled and the background image in the color section is fixed in the middle, cuts off peoples heads in the background image, even though I have it set to alight center top.

    Can we give this another go?



    Please request that here so Kriesi can see it.

    Best regards, 


    Done, thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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