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    I have renewed the support to clarify a few issues.

    After your many years of experience as a theme developer: What is the most efficient and proven way at ENFOLD in 2022 to get the page speed for “computer” and “mobile” to a performance rating of approx. 90?

    Please no links to other older threads that somehow touch on the topic.
    Only direct and up-to-date information about it. Thanks = important.

    Best regards Sven

    Ich habe den Support erneuert, um ein paar Anliegen zu klären.

    Nach eurer mehrjährigen Erfahrung als Themeentwickler: Was ist in 2022 der effizienteste und bewährteste Weg bei ENFOLD den Pagespeed für “computer” und “mobil” auf eine Leistungsbewertung von ca. 90 zu bekommen?

    Bitte keine Links zu anderen älteren Threads, die das Thema auch irgendwie anschneiden. Nur unmittelbare und aktuellste Infos dazu. Danke = wichtig.

    Beste Grüße Sven


    Hey AWZ,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    I know you don’t like to see links to older threads or documentation but we will still provide a few because those articles are written as a reference or as a guide, and the recommendations provided in those threads are still effective. Please check the following links.

    // https://kriesi.at/archives/scoring-100-100-in-google-pagespeed-insights-gtmetrix-pagespeed-and-yslow
    // https://gtmetrix.com/wordpress-optimization-guide.html

    Additional recommendations are to upgrade PHP to the latest version, make sure to pick a server close to your target visitors and use CDN.

    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael,

    thanks – the article seems good and there’s nothing wrong with references on topics that come up again and again and are important to everyone.

    1) You write that the article is current. The post is from 2018 – four years old. Enfold 4.3 is used, we have 5.0. What has changed in this regard in the settings and in enfold, what could still be added?

    2) There are some pagespeed measurements (GT Metrix, pingdom…) I’m most interested in the pagespeed insights, because the customers know it and are interested in it. Are there differences in optimization? Google also tests “mobile” and experience has shown that this is extra work. (pagespeed: Website desktop = 95%, mobile = 35%)

    3) Mobile: Apart from switching off elements in enfold, are there any alternative settings in enfold for smaller displays such as smartphones? Or plugins that optimize mobile faster? Example: Images that are loaded optimized: Desktop: Image is used as uploaded. Mobile: Image is used in much smaller resolution…etc.




    Thank you for the update.

    1.) The Enfold > Performance tab has just been released when the articles was written, so there are now additional or new options there that you can toggle to slightly improve the site speed such as the file compression, disabling css animations and the responsive images option. The theme also creates dedicated stylesheets for each posts or pages in later versions of the theme, which should also improve the site speed, and this is done automatically, so you don’t have to toggle any settings.

    2.) The same optimization procedures should apply for all kinds of speed tests. Just following the recommendations in the articles that we posted above should greatly improve the site speed.

    3.) The theme adds the srcset attribute to any image elements (sliders, gallery, posts etc) automatically, so the browser can handle the image delivery more effectively and allow it to pick the correct image size for the current device.

    If you have any additional questions at this time we kindly ask that you open them up in a separate thread. The longer threads get in the forum, they become more difficult to support as they tend to drift off topic and they also make it troublesome for users trying to search for solutions. Keeping threads relevant to their original inquiry ensures that we can keep better track of what has been resolved and that users can more effectively find answers to similar issues they might be experiencing.


    Best regards,



    I have completely gone through the website page speed optimization. With success. However, the enfold reference was of relatively little help to me as it is outdated and not updated since over 4 years.

    Website Tests 26.06.
    – Charging time up to 6.7s (16.5s mobile)
    – Rating Desktop: 74% / Ranking Mobile: 26%
    GT METRIX: Ranking E
    – Charging time up to 6.8s
    – Performance: 49% / Website Structure: 65%

    Website Tests 05.07.
    – Charging time up to 2.5s (11.4s mobile)
    – Rating Desktop: 83% / Ranking Mobile: 57%
    GT METRIX: Ranking C
    – Charging time up to 4.3s
    – Performance: 69% / Structure website: 78%

    Website Tests Optimum 06.07.
    – Charging time up to 0.3s (1.4s mobile)
    – Rating Desktop: 100% / Ranking Mobile: 97%
    GT METRIX: Ranking A
    – Charging time up to 0.27s
    – Performance: 100% / structure website: 97%

    In the next post I will outline the way.



    – technical analysis, ongoing speed tests with relevant portals
    – Enfold Settings like in the reference below
    – HTML, JS, CSS minification, compression and merging via enfold
    – Staggered loading of scripts, plugins, content, lazy loading
    – Image optimizations via image editing, recalculate size and quality
    – Plugin to convert to WebP, handle batch processing
    – Install caching tool, incl. settings
    – Adaptation of the .htaccess file: caching and GZIP compression
    – Eliminate rendering blocking elements
    – Make settings in individual plugins (rev. slider)
    – Switch off unused features, tools, plugins
    – Load jQuery, CSS, JS in the footer via enfold
    – Hosting optimizations: PHP, Boost etc.

    With all optimizations – also the guides from enfold – you get up to about 70% performance (website tests 05.07.) The rest up to approx. 100% can only be achieved with fast hosting designed for WordPress. As a result, we easily cracked the 90%.
    Best for us, location germany: https://www.hostpress.de/
    – Faster research hosting providers and coordinate settings
    – Migrate test site, make advanced settings
    – Mobile optimizations, testing until the final result
    – no CDN needed



    The theme by itself
    Default settings in 2022 at enfold = nothing to do
    Image optimization
    We opted for shortpixel with one-off costs
    Leverage browser caching
    Outdated content with shockwave flash etc. We have taken more recent and extensive code snippets
    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content /Defer parsing of JavaScript
    Also, most of it is already set by default and I have selected the best performance.


    Step 1 -2
    is clear

    3. Remove any Unwanted or Unused Plugins
    Definitely important

    4. Optimize images
    In any case, that brings a hell of a lot, especially conversion to WebP

    5. Cache your WordPress installation
    Super important! Best: Rocket Cache

    6. Selectively Load Scripts
    I made these settings in the slider plugin, the rest was too time-consuming for us

    7. Perform Server Optimizations
    php version set, boost enabled. Host changed.

    Good luck :)


    Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

    Best regards,

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