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    It would be good if someone could solve this problem asap because currently the website navigation doesn’t work.


    Perhaps one could achieve a working anchor tag functionality by referring to a div class not an id.

    function to_position(divid){
         $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:$(divid).position().top - 50 }, 'slow');
     //or class, or whatever jquery selector


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    Sorry for the delay, the website is looking great! I checked the links on sub pages and homepage. It appears you figured this one out? All the links worked fine on my end and there are no js error.

    Please let us know if you have any issue with the theme. we would love to help!

    Best regards,

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    the navigation is still not working and your js solution is also not working when I change the menue links from relative to absolute paths (this is necessary otherwise visitors cannot use the main menue when they are on subpages)….



    Thank you for the clarification. The code is working as intended to but the browser will not re-direct the users to the page because of the menu path. In this case you need to use page specific menus and add the one with just the #ID to homepage and the menu with relative path to the inner pages.

    Please use a plugin like

    Best regards,


    good idea! unfortunatelt the plugins only allow me to hide specific menue items on subpages but i cannot define and embed new menues…



    Before you try the plugin In the code provided earlier please replace the below line

        menu   = jQuery('#mobile-advanced a[href^="#"]');


     menu   = jQuery('#mobile-advanced a'); 

    I have personally checked the page specific menu plugin on my installation and it works fine.

    in the homepage options please select what items you want to display. Please check the plugin documentation for more info.

    If it still does not work for you try the below plugin to create different menu for different pages.

    Best regards,

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    Have the developers of the theme fixed this bug by now? I do not want to rely on external (third party) plugins. The main reason is that it is a lot of extra work and not a very parsimonious solution for a relatively simple problem. Moreover, i am not the only user who faces this issue… I really need support with this asap because my customer is very unhappy with this…



    We are releasing a major update mostly should by the end of Jan. I hope you will not need this custom code after you receive the update :)

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards,


    I cannot wait so long because my customers are getting pushy. It would be good if someone could please take care of this ASAP.


    currently visitors cannot navigate the page on mobile devices (the menu-links are pointing to the wrong website sections). this is an unacceptable situation for my customer and needs to be fixed quickly. please let me know asap how you will deal with this issue…


    could someone please respond to my query asap??


    I really need your support with this… Please provide me with a solution for the problem.


    In order to make the navigation work I now used the very cumbersome workaround by installing the plugin and configuring the navigation of each individual page (more that 20 pages had to be updated).
    However, this solution is not very parsimonious because I have to update all individual pages manually whenever I create a new page. This will take a lot of work in the future.
    I don’t understand why nobody provided me with proper support in this matter and why my last messages have simply been ignored by the support team???


    why are you ignoring my questions???


    I am also having this same anchor problem on my website clicking on an item from menu makes us land at very bottom of the page.
    When this problem is expected to be solved?


    The navigation-error has not been solved. I paid for the support and I did not receive a viable solution for this obvious problem!


    Is your problem solved yet?




    Hey! I am very sorry for the lack of communication. It seems the thread did not update properly and wasn’t visible in our queue I guess. Can’t imagine why that happened and why no one stumbled upon it :/

    Therefore I will take care of the issue myself.

    Working my way trough the thread I am having a hard time identifying which customisations have been made and which settings have been used. Right now, when testing the scroll script on our demo installation here: everything seems to work fine, so my best guess would be that a plugin or customization might interfere.

    Since this issue has been open for a while and we have made some bugfixes to the script meanwhile it might also be the case that one of the “solutions” that the team suggested are now causing the problem.

    Is there a possibility to remove any customizations and plugins and test again, and if the issue persists post me an active login to the backend and FTP server ?
    Once again sorry for not responding earlier.


    Hello Kriesi,

    i have exactly the same problem here:

    There are some more information and also issue explanation. I would be very grateful if you could look at it.


    Hi Kriesi,
    many thanks for finally picking this topic up. The problem is independent of any external plugins/customizations (this has been thoroughly tested before). If you install the theme and create a subpage which opens in a blank window the anchors do not work anymore (i.e., they link to the wrong position).



    I guess we can write german? Should make things a little easier to understand ;)

    Ich habe leider ein problem das lokal zu reproduzieren also mach ich oder verstehe ich wohl irgendetwas falsch.

    Hier nochmal die schritte:

    1. Theme installieren
    2. Seite mit 5 page anchors anlegen und zwischen jedem genug text das ordentlich platz zum scrollen ist
    3. Menü anlegen mit anchor-links.

    Soweit korrekt? Wenn ich die seite dann über einen externen link oder auch internen link öffne, bin ich immer am korrekten page anchor. (Sowohl bei mir am testserver als auch bei dir unter

    Unterschiedliches verhalten zeigen die Seiten wenn ich dann auf der seite selbst navigiere. da fährt deine zum falschen punkt und bei mir passts.

    Ist das so mal korrekt?


    vielen dank für deine bemühungen – du hast das problem gut erkannt- vergleiche bitte auch mal folgende URLs:


    The problem has not been solved yet! Can someone please take care of this?? I have been waiting much too long for a solution…



    We are very sorry for the late response. The installation is using an old version of the theme, 3.8. Please update to version 4.0.7. If the update doesn’t fix the issue, please open a new thread with the same title and include this url. We’ll close the thread for now because it’s becoming a bit too long.

    Best regards,

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