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    unfortunately the page-anchors of menu items are not working correctly on mobile devices. That is, the anchor does not jump to the correct position. Being on one of the portfolio items (Kurse, Teamtrainings, Cycle, Kurspläne) or one of the blog items (Presse) and using the main navigation linking to the home page you are always landing on the bottom of the home page instead in the right section defined in the main menu using mobile phone.


    The user name and pw of site is following:



    First off, thanks for using the Enfold.

    I`ve checked your site and all is working normally, may you share some credentials?

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Thanks for quick response.I have already share the credentials.


    Hey John,
    this problem exists on any page or portfolio item or blog item, except of the homepage. On the homepage the navigation works properly. I suppose, this was, what you checked.
    Please go on mobile to any portfolio item like for example and use the main menu. Then you will see, the user is always landing on the very bottom of the homepage and not in the right section linked in the main menu

    Thanks for your support!



    Please deactivate all plugins one by one to check which one is causing this issue and let us know if this solves the problem.
    In addition to that, please let us know if we are allowed to deactivate one or more of your plugins as well for testing purposes :)

    Also check if one of your customizations is causing this issue. Deactivate your child theme and activate default Enfold theme instead. Also remove any custom code, to check if one is causing it.

    Best regards,


    I have already tried everything but the problem is still there. And there are other customers also who have the same complaint.


    Please have a closer look at this issue, we can’t go live without solving this problem.
    Of course, you can deactivate plugins for testing purposes, but there are not the plugins causing the problem, we tested it already.
    There are also not our customizations, we checked it too before creating a support ticket in this forum.



    I made some more testings on your website and it seems to me that Enfold is working as expected.

    I deactivate all your customizations (child theme, Quick CSS, etc.) and then it looks like this:

    View post on

    which looks totally ok for me (ex expected).

    When activating them again, then it looks like this:

    View post on

    So basically your customizations are causing this issue and I suggest you make some more precise customizations for mobile. For example you could provide some more space between “#Begegnen” and the element before it.

    I hope this helps somehow!

    Best regards,


    Hello Andy,

    thx for your support. But the issue is still there. I tried all your suggestions but still no changes. Let me explain the problem again:

    1. Customer visits a sub page ( for example:
    2. He clicks on menu the item(anchor) “Cycle”

    3. He will be redirected to this link:
    Now the problem is that he doesn’t get to the right section (anchor). He always land at the bottom of the page !

    Important: The main issue is on MOBILE
    Info: At the moment every custom modification is disabled. (enfold_child.css, enfold.css, style.css)

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    Hello guys,

    can someone help me with this issue? I need a solution really urgent.



    as soon as I click on the link in private this is what I see:
    Which seems to be what is to be expected. If you don’t see this, then please clear browser cache, hard refresh a few times and also check on another computer.

    Best regards,


    Thx for your response Andy,

    On which Browser are you testing this? Because on my side it’s working ONLY on Chrome, NOT on IE,Firefox,Safari.


    Btw we changed the link now.. check private content area



    I tested on Safari mobile as well and I get the same result as on Chrome. Did you already check on another device? best do check on one where you haven’t opened the website yet. Don’t forge to clear browser cache and refresh a few times.

    Best regards,

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