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    I’ve asked this question before:

    But you guys send me to Envato:

    And the official Envato Support sends me back to you:
    “In regards to your specific questions, you’ll want to contact the author of the item and request more information about this as they will have far greater knowledge of their own item.” (…) “If the author support forum requires an item purchase code, you can find this by going to your downloads page – clicking download – clicking licence and purchase code. Inside you’ll see the item purchase code.”

    At their forum there’s neither someone who can help me really:


    So, where it’s all about:

    Last days I created a new site (
    – downloaded and installed wordpress
    – downloaded and installed Enfold at Themeforest
    – downloaded, installed and configured multiple must have plugins

    There’s no real content at the site, other than the dummy/demo content provided by you guys, at Kriesi.

    Now I want to make a copy of this fully configured site (, and use it for 2 other sites which need the same theme ( and So I have to purchase the theme twice again, which is fair enough.

    My question is: how can I copy the complete first site ( to the other two (e.g. with the Duplicator plugin), and then assign the license codes of the 2nd and 3rd purchase of the same theme?

    Really hope this makes some sense, and I’ll get some good answers of the Kriesi support team, otherwise I’ll have to use the same theme (purchase + license code) for multiple sites. Which is not how it should be…

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    Hi Marc!

    As far as I know there isn’t actually a license assignment for sites. So the licenses being applied legally would be in good faith and not something that gets checked on digitally.

    The API code you get for admin side updates should check with the envato servers for verification and at that point I believe it should handle the verification without issue as you’ve outlined above.

    If you wanted multiple forum accounts for each purchase you would need to send an email to Kriesi through the contact form here on with the purchase information and what emails to register for each account.

    Sorry for the mix-up and you getting sent back and forth. I hope this clears things up :)



    Hi Devin, thnx and no worries mate! ;-)

    Then, what I’ll do is this:

    – Copy site 1 (db and files) and paste it for site 2, including the theme
    – Disable and delete the theme
    – Purchase a second version of the theme
    – Download and install the second version of the theme

    After that, I hope everything will be legally and allright. Cheers, and keep up the good work!


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