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    First things first: thnx for the great Enfold theme, it’s just fab! Exactly what I’ve been looking for…

    Then this question. Right now I’m configuring the first site I´m making with the Enfold theme. That is: creating a standard setup, which I want to use for more sites in the future. For example, with some plugins installed and activated, like:

    • CleanTalk Antispam
    • WP Optimize
    • WP-DBManager
    • WordPress SEO
    • Google Analytics for WordPress
    • Etc etc

    And of course I’ll buy a separate licens for each website, no worries ;-)

    But how can I duplicate my standard configured website, without getting into trouble with license codes and things? Is it just a matter of installing the new theme (with the new license code), and copying the database of the first, standard configured site?



    Allright, thnx!

    So that plugin will migrate the database, including all installed plugins and their settings/configurations? And the license code of the theme is not in the database, but just in the theme files?



    No, the license code is stored in the database and you can remove it by simply clearing the license code option/text field or you can simply replace it with another serial as soon as you imported the data.



    Hi Peter, thnx for the reply. Unfortunately I don’t understand 100% what to do…

    I’ll try to explain it in short.

    I’m creating a website at For this website I’ve purchased the Enfold theme, which gave me a download which I installed. After configuring this website by installing and configuring several ‘must have plugins’ I want to copy the whole lot to another site, let’s say But that’s illegal, since I need to purchase the theme again (fair enough).

    So the question is: how can I copy the complete installation of to http://www.panoramaphotogallery (including all additional plugins), but make use of a second purchased Enfold theme?

    Hope this makes some sense…



    I think it would be better to consult Envato support regarding this issue:

    Best regards,


    Thnx Josue,

    Just consulted Envato Support and posted a topic at their forums.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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