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    I have an issue with the distribution of a header and the top-bar of a site, you can see what i want to do in the image that i attach.
    Starting with the top-bar i want to distribute information in the center of it.
    In the header i want to put a sort kind of second menu with icons and a search engine over the main menu which is going to be centered.
    ¿Can you help me with this?

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    Hey lowklick,

    Maybe you could try to add a widget to the header area? https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/header/#adding-a-header-widget-area

    Best regards,


    Thanks, i just did it but now i have a trouble with the vertical position of the text that i put in the new widget and i cant make it clickable, plus troubles with the responsive version.
    By other side i cant put the text of the top-header in the middle of the page.

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    Please try this in Quick CSS:

    #custom_html-5 {
        position: absolute;
        top: -50px;
        left: 40%;

    Best regards,


    Thnx the css works, but im still having troubles making the text clickable.
    Instead of making new configurations to the header im thinking of making a sticky color-section, is there a quick css which could help me with that?


    Hi lowklick,

    The header is already sticky but you need to add the custom elements there and that is done by adding the custom header widget.

    Best regards,

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