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    For nearly all the demo’s I import, I don’t get all the images.

    Q. How can I be sure the demo includes the images displayed on the live Demo Sites?

    Q. If the demo is suppose to include the images I am missing, I would like to resolve this core issue

    Q. If the issue cannot be resolved, I read in a few posts where you said to upload the images on the back end. If that’s my option, where can I find the images?

    Note below configuration and corrective actions attempted.

    wp-config – added line in define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);
    PHP ver is 7.1
    Increased PHP Setting for max_execution_time to 300 seconds (5 min) and memory_limit to 256M
    upload_max_filesize is set to 8M
    I installed the Plugin WordPress Reset and did a reset before each attempted Demo Import
    On some Demo imports, I re-clicked the demo import up to 10 times and it did not import the missing images.

    Example Links and logins for items below provided in Private Content

    For the Enfold 2017 Demo – example links and logins provided in Private Content
    I understand the home page slider images are not available – but can instead be substituted by downloading and importing the classic slider images – is this correct? I did successfully import the old sliders, but was hoping the 2017 home slider image was available.

    Other missing images include the people in About Us, some Feature images, About Us people, logos, and more

    One page portfolio – example and logins provided
    missing top Desk image and portfolio illustration images –

    creative studio – among others – no example links or logins provided
    missing team and recent work photos

    I have searched the forums regarding this and cannot find any recommendations that I haven’t tried. i.e., #777543. Please direct me to any forum posts that I may have missed

    Thank you!


    Hey adayanamarketing,

    Could you try to clear your WordPress installation using a plugin like this and try again please? Please note that the plugin will erase all info from your installation.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hi and thanks for your quick response. Per my original post under the bold heading “Note below configuration and corrective actions attempted”, I already installed the WordPress-Reset plugin and reset the site/db prior to each new attempt to import a demo.

    on the site – “hc2…” (see full URL listed in the private content under the prior post) I just completed another reset today and attempted another import of the One Page Portfolio Demo.

    As you can see on the site, the main image is missing, as well as the images tiles that should be displayed under the page heading “Recent projects I have designed…” .

    I assume they these images are suppose to be included with the demo since the demo lists: “All” under Demo Images Included. Correct?

    This same issue occurs when I attempt an import of the Enfold 2017 – after a full reset – Example of missing image URLs are listed under the Private Content post.



    Have you attempted to import the demo via FTP?

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Hey Jordan! I have not attempted the import via FTP – but would be happy to. Where can I get the demo files required for an FTP import?



    They are available in wp-content> themes > enfold > includes > admin > demo_files. I guess it would not be installing via FTP, but you pull the raw XML file and attempt to import it via the WordPress dashboard option.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Attempted the XML import – which failed . The error messages are below
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “dribbble”
    Failed to import Media “enfold”
    Failed to import Media “jquery”
    Failed to import Media “microlancer”
    Failed to import Media “wordpress”
    Failed to import “General”: Invalid post type forum
    Failed to import Media “”
    Failed to import Media “wpml”
    Failed to import “Hello World!”: Invalid post type topic
    Failed to import “Re: Hello World!”: Invalid post type reply

    I have a few questions and a comment

    Comment 1) My only need is for the images which I can import manually. Is there anywhere I can just download all the images or link to them somewhere?

    Question 1) When I do a XML import: Do I also need to Import Theme Settings for a Demo (this one is One Page Portfolio)

    * I noticed a moderator on another post re the Enfold 2017 Demo provided the user with download link for both the Import Theme Settings – File (txt) and the current LayerSlider zip file – see
    * When I did the xml import, then a theme setting import for the Enfold 2017 Demo, the the site loaded – again only with some images.

    Comment 2) I modified all PHP server settings and WP-Config file settings per other posts and outlined in this post and the link below it

    * I am checking with the hosting service to see if these settings are allowed on my shared server.



    I am checking with my teammates to see if they can give me further insight on this issue.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Related question – does the demo import actually download and import images – or does it only create links to the images outside of my site to the site where the kriesi demo is hosted?



    Yes it does, I have used Enfold 4.0.7 and WordPress 4.7.5, and imported the Enfold 2017 demo and the screenshot on my local server will show that they are downloaded and added to the uploads folder (screenshot in private content, url of the image is in red box).
    Best regards,


    Nikko, Thanks for the reply. I am confused and hope we can figure out why my demo imports don’t download some images, and often don’t have coding with images, and point to images served from the Kriesi site. These issues happen for each attempt via the “one-click” Import Demo Import function in the Enfold dashboard – and the manual WP XML import.

    Link to Screenshots of code are provided under the Private Content.

    On my Enfold 2017 Demo import:
    1) no images were downloaded

    2) On my site, when I inspect the same element example you provided in the screen site – on my site there is NO code pointing to any image.
    (See private link to example screenshot 1)

    3) When I inspect the code elements for the images that ARE displaying on my imported demo, the images were NOT downloaded to my server, plus the code element points to images hosted on Kriesi.
    such as
    (See private link to example screenshot 2)



    try to import it very often, until all files are loaded fine. Are you getting errors when trying to import? You may want to ask your host to increase php upload time.

    Best regards,


    re: your recommendation:
    1) Repeated import over 12+ times in a row. With each change to configuration. No change.

    2) Reset WP as needed between changes to configuration

    3) Attempted XML import process

    4) Sames errors as noted in reply in this thread – with added notifications about files/directories that have already been imported. Mostly “Failed to import Media “ see

    5) early in debug process I increased php settings on the server – i.e., upload time to 5 min, filesize to 64M, post_max_size to 64M, execution_time to 5 min, input_time to 5 min, memory_limit 256M

    6) the host tech support does not see any issues/errors that stand out



    While we’re resolving this image issue – after I looked deeper into the imported demo site on the Portfolio example pages (a URL posted in Private content) no images appear to be pulled in to that page from the portfolio entry.

    I simply need these demos to function correctly so I can understand and predict how the theme features work so I can duplicate them. The images posted in separate portfolio pages are all being pulled from the Kriesi website



    That happens because of your php memory limit or the wp_get function we are afraid.
    I can see the problem, but it is not related to our theme and not much we can do to be honest

    Best regards,





    We are sorry for the inconvenience. I have tried the demo import and I experience same issue as what you have described. I even tried to export the portfolio items on my local server and import it to your site but the results are still the same (even when my portfolio points to my local images with wordpress importer), even with debug turned on, the information is not helpful finding why it’s not importing the images. I tried to manually upload an image to the portfolio and it works just fine so I think permissions are okay. I couldn’t figure out what’s causing the issue and the only thing I could suggest is to upload images manually, which I think we could help.

    Best regards,


    Nikko, Thanks for taking the extra time to assess my issue. Big mystery. I wish we could identify root cause – in case my issue may be a symptom something the results in future problems. But I can live with this – if it’s just a few images demo images that don’t import – and the theme features work.

    I appreciate your efforts and your offer to help upload the images manually – which was exactly the kind of customer support I had hoped to get. Buy let me noodle with it some more this week – and either let it go – and close this thread – or take you up on your offer for help.

    I was only hoping to use the demo and images to teach myself how things work though visual inspection of the examples – and also use existing page layouts – where I swap out demo images to customize the site for my use. I suspect I still can add my own images as needed where placeholder code is – to make sure the demo theme feature examples work correctly.

    Will follow-up by end of week one way or another.


    2 issues happening – 1) IP address was blocked on my web server outbound connections – and 2) server was blocking by server’s IP address. I changed servers and IP’s and allowed outbound connections to all known IP addresses – and the situation resolved.


    Hi adayanamarketing,

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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    or alternatively send me the images so i can upload them myself if thats a possibility…?


    Please open a new thread so we can assist, I see you included your login details but the domain seems to be incorrect as I get the error “server IP address could not be found”
    Please check and please provide in your new thread.
    Please note that as this is not your thread your info will not be private in this thread.
    Also include which demo you are trying to import so we can send you the correct images.

    Best regards,

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