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    Hi all!

    OK – two months ago, we did 10+ PageSpeed tests on our Enfold site and got an average score of 68 for mobile. Not bad.

    Since then, we’ve changed almost nothing about the site except installing WP Security and Maintenance Release (Sep 9) and Enfold updates on Sep 27, Oct 4, and Oct 7.

    5 days ago we did 10 more PageSpeed tests and got an average of 38.

    First we tried putting the site up on CloudFlare – didn’t help.

    Then we tried uninstalling all plugins, then reinstalling one-by-one, testing several PageSpeed scores each time.
    Still, no change from the 38 average. One score was as low as 15.

    Here is a list of our plugins:
    – CallRail
    – Companion Auto Update
    – Enable Media Replace
    – Gravity Forms
    – Imagify
    – Mailgun
    – Media File Renamer
    – Stream
    – SVG Support
    – Wordfence
    – WP Rocket
    – Yoast SEO
    – Yoast SEO Premium

    Any ideas of what might be going on, or other things we could try?

    I’ll leave our site and credentials in the Private Content.



    Hey sdigit,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    According to the page speed insight tool, the following issues have to be corrected.

    Avoid multiple page redirects:

    The site does not resolve directly to the preferred domain, possibly because the DNS (A and CNAME) is not configured correctly. To fix it, please follow the instructions in the following thread.


    Reduce initial server response time

    This might be due to the server configuration and other factors such as the number of installed plugins and the theme that is currently used. To further optimize the theme or the site in general, please check the following articles and follow the recommendations.


    Minimize main-thread work

    Minifying and compressing the scripts and stylesheets usually help, but combining the resource files into a single file could potentially delay site rendering. Disabling the option that combines the scripts and stylesheets could be the better option in this case.

    Site performance or speed result using Gtmetrix is actually quite good.

    // moved to private field

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    Thank you for the reply!

    We had taken most of the suggested steps already prior to getting PageSpeed scores around 70, two months ago. This is what’s so confusing.

    We will look into the redirects again.

    But aside from that, we’re still puzzled what has changed to lower our scores so dramatically:

    – Server and server config remain the same.
    – Enfold remains the same (though updated a few times).
    – Plugins mostly the same. More importantly we have tested deactivating all of them (also one at a time)…no effect on PageSpeed.

    We find GTMetrix and WebPageTest useful for troubleshooting, but we won’t sleep well unless PageSpeed scores are above 50 again :)

    One small request for you in the Private Content.




    Sorry about the link. Have you tried disabling the option that combines the scripts and stylesheets? Looks like you are not using the default file compression settings from the theme, so it must be one of the plugin options. This should minimize the main-thread work and speed up site rendering.

    Best regards,

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