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    I built this site:

    I linked the menu items to page sections like this post:

    I added the CSS below to Admin/style/Quick CSS to “fix” the menu in responsive mode:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    .responsive #top #header {

    position: fixed;



    Everything works well until I use one of the menu items to select a section in responsive mode–the menu doesn’t work (locks up) and there is no way to navigate out. Is there a fix? Thanks, Mike.


    In Admin, I changed the header menu selection in responsive mode from “slide in menu” to “drop down menu.” The menu worked with this choice, but when choosing the menu item, the section link did not go exactly to the top of the section as it does in non-responsive mode. Mike.



    You need the whole url + the id selector. For example.




    Thanks Ismael. I made the changes, but, the problem remained the same. Once the site is in responsive mode, the menus don’t work correctly. Thanks, Mike.


    Hi Mike,

    I just checked your site on iPhone and menu works on my end in both portrait and landscape mode




    Thanks Yirgit.

    Sorry, it works in drop down menu mode (but doesn’t align well with the top of the sections–another bug). But in slide out menu mode it doesn’t work: The initial menu selection works, but once you select a menu option and are taken to the linked page section, and then try to reselect a menu option to navigate to another section, the menu doesn’t work–I’m “stranded.” I switched it over to slide out menu mode–Could you please take another look? There appears to be some code conflict somewhere.




    Let me tag Kriesi and the rest of the support team on this topic. Please wait for their response.




    Let me know how I can help–It is a great theme and you guys are great!! Mike


    Now that the new site is launched Kriesi should be able to take a look at the issue. I know there are 2 topics with this same issue tagged for his attention.




    Thanks Dude–you guys are the best!!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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