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    I am using the one-page version of the Enfold Theme (save the blog) and my main menu replies on anchor links. Problem is, on mobile, using the fly-out nav option, the links don’t work. If I set it to the drop menu style it works, but I don’t want. I’ve already tried absolute links for the menu items (www.getaltrd.com/#about_section) because that that was the only way to get the main nav to work when clicking back from the blog (the only separate page).

    So, is there a fix?


    Hi altr,

    I’m getting the same issue when viewing your site. I’ve tagged Kriesi to take a look as I’m not sure if it needs to be adjusted in the mobile menu function or if there is something else that needs adjusting.




    Thanks. Great, the sooner I get an answer the better. Appreciate it.


    Please excuse the late reply – to fix the issue open up enfold/js/avia.js and replace



    				jQuery(document).on('click', '#mobile-advanced li a[href*=#]', function()
    					return false;


    						      // cancel default click action
    						      return false;


    						      // cancel default click action
                                   if(!$(this).parents('#mobile-advanced')) return false;

    Nice catch!

    Will ad a slightly improved version of this to the next patch, one that also allows to link to external pages with a # symbol :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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