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    I cant get access to menu sites like Enfold Child Footer Settings, or SEO or anything else.
    I can click on the left side in WP on Enfold Child, but the whole menu is missing.

    Can you help me please? I post the webspace login down.

    Do what you need to do.

    Greetings :)


    Hey Toni,

    Please update the theme to the latest version. That should fix any issues you are currently experiencing :)

    To update to the latest version follow the simple instructions here. (Or if you want the super detailed explanation you can read this blog post)

    Best regards,


    Hey, so just drag the “enfold” folder into my “themes” folder and start overwriting? Im using the child theme, and there will be no changes on the website? Im scared that something could be “destroyed” because its a live website.



    I updated the theme to the latest version, cleared cache and confirmed issue was fixed. I checked your pages as well and everything seems fine.
    Please review your website :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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