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    I am looking at the mega menu under EasyGo on this page:

    The way I am trying is to create a menu item. Check the box that says mega menu.
    Under that I can put in formatted text.

    My “shortcut” for that formatted text is to create a regular page. Then pull in text block and created my lines of text in the Text Tab.
    Then I copy out that HTML and text.

    In the menu, I add another menu item, indenting it to the right and paste into it my “formatted html and text”.

    In the menu, I add a third item, inserting the html for an image.

    On the sample EasyGo menu, the image takes half of a very wide mega menu.

    Any way to achieve that with the very marvelous Enfold theme?

    Also, if one wanted to make a third of the Mega Menu entry text — and then wanted image to show on right two-thirds, is there an easy way to do that?

    Can’t figure how to split an image over two menu items, which is my current thought!



    Hey CharlieTh!

    can you provide us a link to your page? the URL in your previous post is not even a WordPress page. Quite difficult to imagine what you are describing. So please show us the issue. You could also use screenshots to make things clear. Use or dropbox.

    You can use shortcodes and even HTML inside your menu.



    Info to Team…



    It’s going to take a bit of custom css to achieve this, but please check this thread here for some useful resources.



    Some more info to Team…



    use this code to increase the image in your mega menu:

    img.imageformegamenu {
    width: 512px; 
    max-width: 512px;



    Andy, thank you!

    The max-width is the one I didn’t use, I think. Did the trick!

    One more (hopefully) quickie question…for future reference:
    On MegaMenu, is there a way to make a single column wider?

    Thanks for looking at this, it was frustrating me.



    Making a single columns wider or narrower should be possible, if you inspect the element with your browser you can find the classes for the columns, the first one has this for instance:


    Otherwise you could try child selectors:

    Best regards,

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