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    Good evening,
    can someone explain me how to setup a megamenu so that HTML and images can be used in the menu?
    The documentation is not really helpful at this point.

    Maybe its a good idea to ask some questions before:
    1: is it possible to use custom HTML in the menu?
    2: is it possible to use images in the Menu?
    3: Is it possible to show a google map in the MegaMenu?

    We used “(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /full_screen_preview/154703″>Ueber-Menu” before but it seems to have a conflict with Enfold (no Ajax Search anymore and more) .
    But i want to have some images and a certain layout structure in the megaMenu

    Thanx in advance
    regards axel


    Hey kaMai!

    Please see this video tutorial

    Best regards,


    is it also possible to make images responsive in megamenu.

    I have tried to insert code like following:
    <img class="avia_image" src="/wp-content/uploads/my_image.png" />

    But it dosen’t work how i want it.


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    Hey K.R.!

    Can you post a link to your website?



    Hi Josue,
    Look under ‘Produkt’



    Hey Karl!

    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    #mobile-advanced .avia_mega_text_block {
        display: block;
    #mobile-advanced .avia_mega_text_block img{
        width: 100%;
    #mobile-advanced .avia_mega_text_block a, #mobile-advanced .avia_mega_text_block p{
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;


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