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    Hi Team,

    Previously everything was connected and working for my clients newsletter mailchimp signup button.
    Today I noticed the lists were not populating so I finally got it working by:
    Updating my token for Envacto and connecting the theme,
    creating another Mailchimp key
    The lists then showed properly and everything seemed to be working.
    While providing a live instruction for my client the mailchimp connection then died again.
    I can no longer seem to get it working: Could not connect to Mailchimp with this API Key. Please try again with a different key

    Any clue as to why it would work and then fail so soon after? Solution.


    Hey bodnikwebservices,

    Sorry for the problem. First off, could you try updating the theme to the latest version (4.6.2) to see if that helps please?

    Best regards,



    I have tried reauthenticating Mailchimp API key from within the theme Newsletter area. AFter doing each step. Still with no results.
    Steps I have tried:
    -theme updated to latest version
    -wordpress updated
    -tried switching to latest PHP, Did not work so I switched back
    -Tried deactivating each plugin one at a time and then reauthenticating with mailchimp. Failed.

    As I said, at some point last week, after updating the theme token with Envacto, the mailchimp connection worked.
    It then stopped working later in the day.

    Please help. Client has upcoming seminar and the mailchimp feature will be needed.
    Please feel free to login and try. I have precious posted the login in the private area.



    Any solutions to this issue? Still unable to connect mailchimp


    Hi bodnikwebservices,

    I tried the mailchimp api key I have in your site and it works fine.
    Please refer to screenshot in private content.
    Maybe there were some issues with mailchimp at that time.

    Best regards,


    I contacted mailchimp support. They said the API keys were valid.
    I tried the API I generated for another clients mailchimp account: Did not work, same error

    I can not guess how you are getting your key to work in the same site but we can not duplicate on our end. I will leave our API key in the private section.
    Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.



    Hi Steve,

    We apologize for the delayed response and have tested all those API keys and all of them are working properly.
    Just checked it in your site and it seems to work fine now.
    We’re not really sure until what is causing this issue which is similar to these threads:

    Best regards,

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