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    Hi all,

    It’s amazing to me that this thread has over 30 comments now about the captions not working with the Masonry Gallery and nothing was fixed in the latest update. I provided images, illustrations, comparisons and multiple case studies and tests showing the problem. All that was done is a post about how to “hack” the problem which still doesn’t fix the issue.

    So I tried using a third party plugin called Lightbox with PhotoSwipe. This plugin has a feature called: “Get the image CAPTIONS from the database (this may cause delays on slower servers)”. This has worked with other websites using a different builder. But it DOES NOT work with Enfold. The Masonry Gallery cripples any attempt at getting the CAPTIONS. Not the TITLE, but the CAPTIONS.

    I pointing out that even in your own Masonry Gallery, THE CAPTION SECTION DOES NOT WORK. When you add images, you can rearrange them and enter captions. These captions don’t show up in the Lightbox because the Lightbox is only pulling the Title of the image.

    This problem doesn’t exist in the Gallery widget, only in the Masonry Gallery.

    If this is not something anyone cares about, can you at least allow other plugins to access the CAPTIONS to the image? Please?!

    Thank you.


    All I need is to simply have access to the image Caption using Lightbox with PhotoSwipe. But it seems the masonry widget does not allow access to this info from any plugin.




    Thank you for following up.

    We actually explained the issue in our previous reply:


    And provided a solution in the other:


    But you refused to implement it. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the Photoswipe plugin’s code — specifically how or where it gets the caption. If it is from the database, then it is probably from an existing meta information that the images have, so the masonry gallery markup won’t matter. Did you disable the theme lightbox after installing the plugin? Please contact the plugin developer and ask them how the plugin applies the caption, then maybe we can implement the requirement in the masonry element.

    Best regards,



    I’m checking in on this after updating to ALL your recent updates running Enfold 4.7.4. At the link below, I show another set of images documenting how when uploading images to the masonry gallery, I enter the captions in the field provided by Enfold for captions. When I view the masonry gallery, the captions are not displayed, only the title is displayed.

    See documentation:

    From a user who buys the theme and uses this masonry gallery and enters captions, this would be incredibly frustrating. Why do you continue to provide a field for captions if they don’t display? If you don’t plan to fix it, please remove it or make it pull the image title which is what it’s doing now.

    This continues to support my claim above that this was changed sometime 4 or 5 versions ago breaking all websites done previously.

    I hope I can help you fix this by showing you this problem for any new Enfold user.




    Our reply above still stands. You can either put the description or the caption in the title attribute of the images so that the lightbox will be able to pick it up, or follow the instruction that we provided in the previous thread so that the caption of the masonry item is used instead of its title attribute.

    Why do you continue to provide a field for captions if they don’t display?

    Please note that the caption field in the Media uploader is a default core feature, which is always available whenever you upload images. We didn’t add it manually.

    Best regards,


    I understand all this, thank you. By “core feature” what do you mean? WordPress core or Enfold core? Also, please point me to where I can find any tutorial or information about this problem if I was a new user. I know how to fix it now and I’m a little more advanced them other users. Do you want all new users to go looking for this thread because the theme doesn’t work correctly?

    There is no info here at all about this caption issue:

    And in this tutorial which you recommend, has NOTHING about captioning your images and how to make sure you do it right. The video talks about how amazing the gallery is for your photography, and completely misses one of the biggest features for photographers.

    I’m just wondering if this is something that users will find misleading and frustrating. As a new user who adds a new gallery, I see the theme show me nice inputs under the images that say “Image Caption.” So you’re telling me as a new user once this doesn’t work I have to go looking all over the internet for why it doesn’t work?

    With such an important feature, is it not important to fix?




    It is a core feature of the media uploader or library from WordPress — it’s not from the theme.

    There’s actually no problem with how the masonry element works aside from your expectation that the value set in the caption field will display in the lightbox description, which is not how we intend it to work by default. Again, the masonry element will use the value of the title attribute as description, not the caption value.

    If you want the caption value to display in the lightbox container, you can again do the modification that we provided previously.


    We will forward the thread to our channel.

    Best regards,

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