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    We build many sites with Enfold. Most of the sites we are building are installed on an existing hosting account using a directory like DOMAIN.COM/new – We create a child theme so that we can customize the child and still get updates to Enfold without loosing our customization.

    The DOMAIN.COM stays as it is while we are building the new WP Site with Enfold in the /new directory.
    Once the client says the new site is ready to go live… we are having tons of issues successfully moving the site from /new to the root of the domain.

    The site once moved looks a lot different. Many of the custom selections we made in Advance Styling, General Styling – colors, fonts… selections made in the Header section like logo left menu right… the Footer chooses we made like the # of columns and colors are ALL GONE.

    I had our hosting company move this particular site and here is what they told me when I complained about the site not being correct after the move…

    See below… first the reply telling me what they did, second after having to restore the entire account…. can you tell me what may be the issue?

    Thank you for contacting us.
    I have renamed your public_html to public_html.out
    I have moved the /new folder and renamed it to public_html
    I have downloaded your database
    I have done a find and repalce to change any instance of to
    I have done a find and replace to change any instance of public_html/new to just public_html
    I have created a new database called ocproper_wp797new
    I have imported my adjusted copy of the database
    I have updated the wp-config.php to use the new database name.

    If you need anything further, please let us know.

    then later after restore – their explanation about the troubles we had…


    The way you are coding your sites, the theme and other content has actual hard coded references to directories. These do not self-resolve when you inquire the site be moved. I do not know the full scale of lines your developer may have coded such paths in to your site. I also cannot guarantee replacing all references to those paths will work or break the site once changed. Our team has attempted this logical method, and the site does not function simply by changing these paths to their new location.

    Since you are planning to utilize a site “offline” in development stage, then move its physical location and URL for accessing the site, you need your developers to not hard-code paths into the themes and other content. Moving a WordPress itself is quiet easy. Moving content with hard-coded paths can require hours of manipulations I simply do not have an estimate of time for. Unfortunately escalating the ticket doesn’t resolve any of these issues.

    While I understand you want the site live today and you have planned for it to go smoothly, the reality is this is not a simple task and is not going smoothly. I do not have an ETA to give you because I do not know how much content is hard-coded and if it will even function once moved. I cannot promise this at all.

    What may be less invasive to the WordPress, is simply setting the site up utilizing a /etc/hosts file on the developers local computer as they build the site. This allows the developer to resolve to the WordPress without DNS. If you are trying to develop the site on a live server, where the main domain is already hosting other live content, I don’t have a recommendation. The bottom line is having WordPress content hard-coded to another location simply complicates many functions of the site. The current method you are utilizing is simply not the right way to do it, although it has worked in some cases in the past.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    Hey madisonstudios1,

    you will need to adjust some things after you’ve moved your website. We recommend to work with this plugin:
    Also export all your theme settings and import them into your new site (go to Enfold->Import/Export).

    Best regards,

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