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    When I test Google recaptcha V2 and V3 keys in the backed I receive the message:

    We were able to properly connect and verify your API keys with Google reCAPTCHA
    If you ever change your API key or the URL restrictions of the key please verify the key here again, to test if it works properly

    When myself or anyone else tries to send a message with V2 or V3 enabled this message is displayed instead of a confirmation message:
    Invalid form for reCAPTCHA sent.
    Form could not be submitted. Please reload page and try again.
    Name for token field was missing.


    Hey GCSkye,

    Please have a look for the following thread

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    To resolve this issue, every single user on the internet needs to clear their cache and cookies? Am I reading this right?


    Hi GCSkye,

    Please update to Enfold 4.6.2 and see if the issue persists.

    Best regards,


    I’m on 4.6.2, I flushed cloudflare, my cache plugin, enfolds and my browser cache. The problem remains. Looking at the notes for 4.6.2, nothing seems to acknowledge a fix. Am I missing something?


    Hi GCSkye,

    No, you’re not missing anything and you’re reading everything right.

    Can you give us temporary admin access to your website in the private content box below, so that we can have a closer look?

    Best regards,


    Hi Guys,

    Has this been resolved. Experiencing the same issue on a site?



    Hi mint,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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