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    When editing a text block, it shows code both in the HTML tab and the “Visual” tab, the only difference being the “Visual” tab displays the code text as white on white. I am also seeing the message “It seems you are currently adding some HTML markup or other special characters. Once all HTML tags are closed the preview will be available again. If this message persists please check your input for special characters and try to remove them.”

    This seems to occur in all Text Blocks.


    Hey paul_hunt,

    Sorry for the problem and thanks for the login details. I think you forgot to include a URL to the site though?

    Best regards,


    I see that this has not been fixed yet. It has been 3 weeks. I am attaching the URL again.



    It took you almost a month to reply yes, we can’t fix your problem if we can’t access your site or know exactly what the problem is.

    Anyway, the details you posted are not working:

    Login Failed: Sorry..! Wrong information..!
    4 attempts remaining..!

    Check, verify and post again.

    Best regards,


    Odd. I replied back in October the very next day.

    I have reset the password and tested it again. The info in the Private section works.



    Thanks for the details, please verify on the actual forum that your posts have gone through if you are missing something here.

    I see that you are running an old version of the theme, could you try to update to the latest version ( to see if that helps please? The update to 4.6.x has to be done manually from the version you are running, please refer to my replies in this thread:

    You can either update manually via FTP:, or use a plugin to upload the theme zip file:

    If that doesn’t work then please try to delete the whole theme folder, then replace it with the new version. Make sure that you have backups of the site before starting updating.

    After you have updated then try to activate the Classic Editor in the main page of the theme options.

    Also please read this after you have updated:

    Best regards,


    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme installation failed.


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    That means that you are likely uploading the wrong zip file, are you using the one which you downloaded from Themeforest? If so then please try to unzip it on your local machine, then upload the zip file called located in the unzipped folder.

    Best regards,


    Wow. It’s mostly fixed. But it wasn’t a simple process.
    1. I couldn’t just upload the update. It failed with, “destination folder exists”.
    2. I couldn’t just rename the Enfold folder using FTP. It still failed with, “destination folder exists”.
    3. I had to actually delete the Enfold folder using FTP. Then I uploaded the new zip file using FTP. That worked.
    4. Pages that were failing in the old version in update due to showing only the html still failed in the new version in edit. Some of their text content showed in the CELL, but not in any ELEMENT. The editor does not let me edit or delete the text in the cell. I had to create a new cell with the appropriate elements and paste the content into them. Then I deleted the old cell.



    Thanks for the update. So everything is working as it should after you have recreated the problem content then?

    Best regards,


    It appears that it works.


    Hi paul_hunt,

    Glad you got it working for you! :)

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,

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