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    I want to know, what should I do to update Enfold with a Child-Theme. Is there any tutorial? I want to update my Enfod-Theme from 2.5.2 to 2.7 . I use a Child-Theme. In my Theme Options, there is an option “Theme Update” it works with a Themeforest API Key. Now there is a notic “Update Available! A new Version (2.7) of your Parent Theme (Enfold) is available! You are using Version 2.5.2.Do you want to update?“, can I update my actual Enfold-Theme with Child-Theme by this way?

    thanks ulrici


    Hey ulrici!

    You can simply update parent theme. Please see – &



    Hi Ygit

    In the explenation video here the person isn’t using child theme. How would the manual update work if there were a child-theme installed? Would he still only replace the parent-theme thus “enfold” and “enfold-child” would stay untouched?




    Yes that is correct :) Just replace the main theme enfold and the child theme will be picked up automatically. Please note child theme folder should not be altered manually unless you need to make any changes to it.

    Best regards,

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