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    My request is not bug or a problem, but more general…
    Since, not all of Enfold users (like me) are php developers, I’d like you to write a guide (or a post on the forum) on how to properly integrate the fantastic plugin Advanced Custom Fields in Enfold templates, since these templates are so many (which is the starter template?)
    Clearly it is assumed that users must have at least basic knowledge of the WordPress template hierarchy.
    Thank guys


    Hey Nicola,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    You send it here:

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    ok, done!


    Hi niguli ,

    Thank you very much. Your idea is fantastic! :)

    Best regards,


    Any follow up on this matter ?


    you’re right ! Admin? Up Up Up :)



    That would be too complicated as there are almost endless possibilities to integrate custom fields using ACF. However following would be helpful:

    1- Please refer to ACF docs to find code examples –
    2- Since you are going to need to apply the changes directly on theme files, we recommend you to use a child theme – so those changes would not be overwritten in updates.
    3- For example, if you would like to display your custom field above “You might also like” in related posts section, you can simply right click and inspect elements on it and fine it’s class, in this case “related_title” –
    4- Then you can search that class in Enfold files to find the correct file and line –

    I hope that helps! :)



    I know it could hard to do such a tutorial, despite it will be very useful for many of us.

    Could it be possible to do a tutorial in order to explain all the purpose of Enfold templates one by one (ok, many are common to the main WordPress loop)? Especially the .php ones in the root folder and in the include subfolder…

    enfold files php



    That is something which – we might be able to work something out, on our GitHub.
    Maybe not for everything, but for as many as we can.

    I have added it to my TODO List. Cant promise when, but something we can consider.

    Best regards,


    is this tutorial been done at the end?

    Thank you :)


    Hi marco3253,

    What do you mean?

    Best regards,

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