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    (working with Enfold 2.7 and a child theme).
    I’d like to get a different layout for the blog page than the default layout that I’ve chosen in the theme’s General Settings .
    Then, I recently upgrade the Enfold version (after reading this topic: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -your-own-blog-layout/) and I followed the instructions of the Enfold documentation ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -blog-layout/).
    It works well but…
    Breadcrumbs are broken for posts, categories and archives pages.
    As an example, I get following breadcrumbs :
    – For the blog page : ” Home > Blog page name” (that is ok)
    – For any archive or category page : “Home > Category name (or archive name)” instead of “Home > Blog page name > Category name (or archive name)”
    – For any post of any category : “”Home > Category name > Post title” instead of “Home > Blog page name > Category name > Post title”

    Is there any way to keep the complete hierarchy in breadcrumbs whitout selecting any page in “And where do you want to display the Blog?” (Enfold general settings)?

    If not (second part of my question) :
    Because I’m not an experimented wordpress user, I thought : “ok, let choose the same layout for the blog page and the categories/archives pages). Then I made following choices:
    – Specifing the blog page in the field “And where do you want to display the Blog?”
    – Choosing “Use the advanced layout editor to build” for the “blog style” field
    With these options, breadcrumbs are ok but… the layout of the archives and categories pages do not respect the advanced layout of the blog page :
    – no image displayed,
    – entire outputs of the posts are displayed (no link “read more” as it’s defined in the blog page layout).

    Did I chose some illogical or wrong paramater? Any idea to solve this?
    Thank you for your help!


    Hi mareva!

    Please go to Enfold > Theme Options > Blog Layout and change the “Blog Style” dropdown option to “Use the advance layout editor to build your own blog layout (simply edit the page you have chosen in Enfold->Theme Options as a blog page)”. Then save the settings and the breadcrumb should work.

    Best regards,

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    The archive pages don’t support an “Advanced Layout” blog template but you can select a different static blog template if you don’t like the archive page layout. Insert this code into the child theme functions.php file:

    add_filter('avf_blog_style','avia_change_archive_blog_layout', 10, 2); 
    function avia_change_archive_blog_layout($layout, $context){
    if($context == 'archive') $layout = 'blog-grid';
    return $layout;

    You can replace “blog-grid” with another blog layout like “single-big” or “single-small” or “multi-big”.

    Best regards,


    This is exactly what I wanted to do.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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