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    Erik Sävström Malm


    I have a new client that’s using an Enfold theme that she purchased through Envato. She is worried because she has a critical vulnerability report indicating that she needs to upgrade the theme. When trying to access the update through Envato, we’re coming up short, although she has previously received an email that she could download it.

    I’m just starting out trying to help this client get her things in order, and therefore wonder if there are alternative ways to get periodic updates – should she in fact get an account on this site or do we need to push on Envato, trying to figure out things on that end? I have built several WP sites and work full time as a software developer, but I have no prior experience of buying themes through Envato, hence being a bit unsure regarding this.

    I don’t think she has a lot of prior IT or computer experience and she hasn’t kept the information she has received over the years in order, hence everything is a bit messy and I’m doing my best to help her out.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hey Erik,

    Did you client register her theme license? If you should need further help, then please provide us with more information about what version you are trying to update from. You can find more information about how you can update the theme here:

    Best regards,

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    Hi palmcaroline,

    You can generate the private token here:
    Make sure you are setting it with the correct permission:

    Full instruction is in the link given by Rikard.

    If I understand correctly, you want me to use the same (?) key on the wordpress theme installation? Is it tied to one website or can it be used on multiple?
    Try to delete the old one (unused) and generate a new one (use the link I gave). As for authentication, I’m not sure about how envato designed it but if you have one Enfold license, you should only connect one, basically it’s one to one ratio.

    Best regards,

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