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    is there a picture size which works for mobile devices in the header? I tried to set up the header seperately for mobile devices but I cannot find a fitting picture. Do you have any recommendations for a picture size which is not cut on mobile?
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    Hey SarahKunterbunt,

    Are you referring to the first Color Section on the page? If so then you can duplicate that element and then select an image which is better adapted to smaller screens. Then hide/show the correct element in the Screen Options tab of each of the elements.

    Best regards,


    yes thats what i tried. but what is a good size for images on mobile. i tried different ones and nothing really works. any pixel dimensions you would recommend?


    Hi Sarah,

    It’s difficult so say exactly how big they should be, but in general it should be a bit larger than 767 pixels wide in order to cover the containing element on all phone screens.

    Best regards,


    Mmh…it still looks weired. Is there any chance that the picture can be centered at least on mobile? At the moment you can only see the left part of the picture


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    can you help please?



    Sorry for the delay, You can add a different image for the color section that works for mobile and tablets. The size can be relatively around 750 x 1200 px. Need not be exactly the same size but it should be a portrait image.

    To set a different mobile background to the color section please check the below link

    Best regards,


    Thanks that looks a bit better but still not perfect. SEe here on mobile. Can I set the picture centered? It’s still cut on the right side


    can you please help? can i center the picture at least?


    the picture still is totally cut and doesn’T look good on mobile



    Tis would need some CSS rules for it to work out a different way

    Best regards,


    can you tell me how to do it? as you can see the portrait dimensions 750 px x 1200 px is also not working on mobile. Or do you have any other dimensions you would suggest



    Sorry for the late reply!

    I checked your website on my iphone and your background image i attached in private content field shows up fine on my end. It is not cropped. Have you figured it out already? :)

    Best regards,

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