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    Hi onlylettersandnumbers,

    Most fonts are combined, meaning the font weights you’ve chosen can be in the same file for the font.

    Here are some resources for you to consider:

    Best regards,



    i have updated to enfold 4.4.1 and i see google fonts are stil working on my site. i find this in my source code

    <!-- google webfont font replacement -->
    			<script type='text/javascript'>
    				(function() {
    					var f = document.createElement('link');					
    					f.type 	= 'text/css';
    					f.rel 	= 'stylesheet';
    					f.href 	= '//,600%7CAntic%7CCaveat:400,700%7CVarela+Round'; 	= 'avia-google-webfont';					

    Is this ok with DSGVO?
    Why there is a link to google? I think i must upload the font package on my server via enfold?
    What have i to do exectly?

    Next Question:
    How can i embed youtube videos and be ok with DSGVO?

    Thanks a lot!


    @dataforlive: no, that is not ok, because this javascript will write you a line into html loading the fonts from google. But, this is a very good starting point because you see in detail which fonts are loaded from google.
    in this case:
    Open Sans 400, 600
    (i think) Antic and Caveat, each at 400 and 700 (not sure about this line)
    Varela Round

    go to and download the fonts as ZIP files. Select the equal sizes.
    upload the ZIP files with the Custom Font Manager under Enfold (Child) -> import
    now you only have to find out where which font is used and replace it. You can change Open Sans at general settings ->fonts (last tab) -> body -> Uploaded fonts in the drop down menu.
    have a look if you also can find the other fonts in this window. maybe headline.

    if you replace all fonts with uploaded fonts there will be no javascript anymore, writing a line with connection to google.


    Great! Thank you a lot!



    Glad that works out for you!

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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